VIDEO – Child Apprehended By CFS With Police Assistance


(WINNIPEG, MB) – It’s always super difficult for parents when Child and Family Services decides to apprehend a child from a home. Most parents do not know their rights or what they can do to prevent this from happening in the first place.
It is never an easy decision for a social worker to decide that a child needs to be removed from a home. Historically, the vast majority of apprehensions were for good cause.
Children that are apprehended often face lacklustre care, no genuine feeling of being loved in their new homes and are more susceptible to engaging in criminal activities. Their mental health declines after the trauma of being apprehended and removed from their family, no matter what the situation at their home was.
Social workers will often attempt to place apprehended children with other family members, but that option is not always available.
Kathy Dunlop recorded her interaction with Child and Family Services which utilized police to remove a child from her care. Dunlop states in the video that the boy is autistic. The child clearly does not want to go and it’s heartbreaking to hear his cries for his mother. She cannot do anything, or face criminal charges for interfering.
Police officers conduct themselves extremely compassionately and patiently with the situation. People must understand that they are only doing their job. When Child and Family Services request their help with a situation, they are mandated to comply.
The father of this boy states that the same day the child was apprehended, his visitation with the child was cancelled. We have reached out to the mother and CFS for comment. Below are the videos posted to social media by Kathy Dunlop.


Below is an interview the CPS News Network did with the mother.

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