VIDEO – High Winds Blow Window Washers Around


(EDMONTON, AB) – On Friday afternoon, a wind warning was issued by Environment Canada in the city of Edmonton. Despite that warning, some workers were caught dangling on the outside of a building while performing maintenance.
According to Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, no one was injured from the situation although some windows were busted on the fairly new Stantec Tower
A rescue was made after the worker was blown around on the swing-stage platform. Winds blew the platform away from the building, only to have it crashing back into the building, launching a worker off the platform. The worker was left dangling for several minutes before a ladder truck was utilized to rescue the man.

He was up about five floors up in the air, suspended by only his safety harness.
Basma Farage was having lunch with a friend in a nearby building when she recorded the attached video.
PCL Construction has said that they are working with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety during their investigation of the incident. Below is the video.