TBay Police Association Outraged at NAN’s Outrage


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Comments made earlier this week by Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler after the video of a female TBPS officer allegedly striking an Indigenous Youth has sparked outrage at the Thunder Bay Police Association.

We, the members of the Thunder Bay Police Association (TBPA) are deeply offended by the comments made by NAN Grand Chief Fiddler who stated “We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video. We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in such a defenceless position.”

We the TBPA, are equally outraged that this incident has resulted in our member now being off work and on medication for precautionary health reasons.

We are confident that our member will be vindicated once the investigation is concluded.

Mr. Fiddler continues to try to drive a wedge between the community and the members of the TBPA. Mr. Fiddler rushes to judge and accuse our members of wrongdoing when in his own words “We do not know all of the details that led to this incident.”

The TBPA stands behind its member and the men and women who on a daily basis are struggling, with high call volumes, violent crime, lack of funding, low morale and low manpower.

This is not an isolated incident for our members of the TBPA. Our members are constantly dealing with individuals who show increasing violence, aggressive attitudes and lack of respect towards Police and all First Responders.

Members of the TBPA take pride in their roles in the community and have a responsibility to protect and serve.

TBPA Executive

The union appears to be defending the officer in a media released issued on Wednesday evening.


The video allegedly sounds like a spitting noise was made, and then the officer appears to strike the youth, then seems to press down on the youth.


Alvin Fiddler made comments in a release earlier this week:

“We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video. We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in such a defenceless position,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler.


“Such actions by the police, whatever the cause, must be fully independent authority and the results made public by the Chief of Police.” Grand Chief Fiddler said.

The OIPRD will be releasing the results of their investigation into the Thunder Bay Police Service surrounding systemic racism within the force.

Police are conducting an internal investigation into the spitting/striking incident, even after being asked by Indigenous leaders for a third party to do the job.


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  1. I know of another instance where a young native teen was saveragely beaten …but of course was threatened with legal circumstances and trouble … and without money for a defence … she was advised to not make it a legal issue. I’m saddened to see that force and brutality can be subdued… when the people who “ protect and serve our community “ act this way.

    1. I also know of Indigenous people being beaten and murdered in this city by other Indigenous people , and yet we don’t hear a peep from Mr Fiddler or any other “leaders” . Why ? Because they do not care or represent those people once they get a one way ticket off the reserve , but I’m sure they are on the books as being still there . $$

    2. I’m sure this individual you’re speaking about was on their way to work and instigated nothing “if” this beat down actually happened.
      I’m thinking it didn’t and you’re just fuelling the fire as it doesn’t make sense what you’re saying.

  2. Defenseless position….Alvin….this young person was restrained for a reason….and committed a assault…yes spitting is an assault on a police offucer…no different have a nothing drunk swinging at a police offucer.

    If you and your fellow indigenous leader really care about the youth and all the social issue affecting them …try putting your energy and money into services to help them at home or while visiting and living in Thunder Bay.

    There are many First Nation SERVICE group in Thunder Bay that collect big fat tax free pay cheques that do absolutely NOTHING but complain to line their own greedy pockets while the youth and others get nothing but lip service and token gestures. NAN MATAWAN AND ALL THE OTHER SO CALLED FIRST NATION ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO BE CLEANED UP AND SERVICE THE PEOPLE THE GOVERNMENT FUNDS THEM TO. They are responsible to the very people they are funded to reoresent.

    As an indigenous person, I am outraged by this continued lack of service being done. Why was this 17 year old from Summer Beaver left with no living supports and brought to Thunder Bay AND LEFT UNSUPERVISED. Someone is responsible for her at 17 and the whole NAN Matawan outrage is just another smoke and mirror diflection our the true people responsible for this sad eposide happening in the first place.

    Alvin, you point your finger but there are three pointing right back!

    1. Right on my friend! Who cares white black native Italian Slovak we all live together! What’s with the finger pointing. Let’s all do what we are supposed to do and try to help each other out if we can. Nan wants to point at police and police want to point at nan, then this shit will never stop. Chief fiddler should stop blaming all the time and he should stop being a hypocrite! He’s always blaming white people but he doesn’t mind living amongst us You never hear him saying yes I know spitting on an officer is assault and proper measures will be taken with this person that yes has problems but. we will deal. He knows what the police and taxi drivers put up with in this city especially at the end of the month at tax payers expense! Let’s get serious and stop blaming things from so long ago that has nothing to do with the people of today! Really looks to me that Thunder Bay and the white people are not the ones that are racist! If things are so bad here , why come here and insult us!

  3. And the TBPS have EVERY right to be outraged.We all know who is causing the majority of the crime in the city and race has nothing to do with it.Facts are facts and its time for their “people” to start accepting accountability .If NAN officials want change ,then break the cycle and raise your kids properly and teach them to be respectful,law abiding citizens………..period.

  4. OUR community stands by OUR police force. They are out there keeping the streets safe and dealing with these drunks day in and day out. Here’s an idea NAN / Alvin Fiddler, if Thunder Bay is such a terrible place and it ruins Indigenous youth lives…STOP SENDING THEM HERE. And stop dumping the rejects and drunks don’t want in your communities to our city. We’re being overrun, every day more and more people coming here from out of town to only end up homeless drunks round pounding Kelley’s and begging for change. THIS HAS TO STOP THIS CITY IS BEING RUINED. We are the ones who ought to be outraged!

  5. Regardless of your race, or gender; If you assault a police officer, expect to be assaulted back with twice the force. In my opinion the reaction of this officer in question was justified. I completely support our local police service.

  6. Outrage. I can’t believe that people are so pissed about Natives in their community. Pissed that the children are disrespectful. Lack parenting and unsupervised. Listen it happens in all races not just Natives. If people had more courage to show LOVE maybe we can break a generation in this cycle. The police have done a great job getting a majority of the drugs off the street. But it’s not enough. It’s the good people that need to stand up and say hey yes your welcome here maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate directed at Native youth. Everyone needs to try harder in their own home first. Violence has taken its toll on too many good workers and the stress it causes on them and their families. Hitting spitting kicking. It’s not just Natives I’ve been to Emerg and seen my fair share of crazy that goes on there. Stop making this a race issue. Accept that Natives are here and they aren’t going anywhere. You want a great city. Let’s try to all get along. A few bad apples doesn’t make this city bad. It’s a beautiful place to live.

    1. Fiddler is Canada’s version Al Sharpton who is the biggest racist in the USA. They are both never happy unless they are causing racial tensions.Their kind of crap does nothing but drive the wedge of racism deeper and deeper. Hopefully Fiddler will never get Thunder Bay to the same degree of racism that is going on in the USA.

  7. Okay, enough of this garbage. The police are constantly taking a bashing from all these First Nations organisations, but I see no effort from the First Nations to ‘take responsibility for their self governance.’ That means, among other things, holding your own people accountable for their actions. No, you do NOT get a free pass on everything, just because of the horrific past abuses, over which no one is arguing. If you want to be treated fairly and equally, that means you also don’t get to leave your youth unatttended in Thunder Bay, then excuse their behaviour when they break the law, get arrested, and assault the people who are trying to help them. NAN are the worst offenders. They want everyone to fix their problems, but don’t want to be told what to do. Look in the mirror, NAN, and point the fingers where they belong.

  8. Lol this is the most dedicated disciminitory force in canada and f**k all your wanna be answeres i tie your ass to a bed a slap you around thats terrorism wtf is wrong with you two lefta dont make a right what the f**k down with her badge put her in the soup line

  9. Dion…….go back to school and learn how to spell .Didnt the reserve teach you anything? And no……f**k you ……..

  10. The federal government has been very ineffective at dealing with the problems of the natives. The natives need a leader like Martin Luther King to inspire them. But unfortunately there was only one Martin Luther King. Both the feds and NAN lack leadership.

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