A 39 year old RYAN LADELLE appeared handcuffed on Wednesday March 7th in Courtroom 303 before the Honourable Joyce Pelletier for numerous criminal charges. Crown Attorney is Stacey Hamilton and Defence Attorney is Leon Nicol.

Ladelle is about 5’7” and a slim-medium build. He has about a week old beard and his ears are noticeably protruding and prominent. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the Marvel comic book character “VENOM” on it.


Ladelle was found guilty on December 22,2017 of several thefts from vehicles and entering St Agnes and St Thomas churches to steal wallets and other items from last fall. There were also thefts from Maier Hardware on Brown Street, Canadian Tire and Home Depot at Thunder Center.

The Crown Attorney agreed to release him on bail pending sentencing after the Guilty findings on that date. He had served 59 days in jail at that point.

Ladelle was released to be on 24/7 house arrest with surety on West Francis St until his sentencing date. While he was out on bail, his crime spree continued and he accumulated more charges. The Court clerk begins reading all the new charges and Ladelle is pleading guilty. It’s a really lengthy reading and Ladelle appears tired of saying “GUILTY”. He is leaning against the glass tapping the microphone in the prisoner’s box.


Admitted facts on new crime spree are: January 23,2018 @ 3pm he’s breaching Bail by being out on his own at LCBO on Arthur St. He is spotted on surveillance stealing a 1.75 litre Crown Royal. Value 60$ January 25, 2018 he’s breaching bail again by being out on his own at LCBO on Arthur St. He is spotted on surveillance stealing a 750 ml Courvosier Cognac. Value 90.95$


January 25, 2018 Compliance Check by Thunder Bay Police. Ladelle’s surety has been evicted from West Francis Street apartment and Ladelle is nowhere to be found.

January 29,2018. Ladelle and female accomplice enter Gordie’s Cell Phone Repair on Central Avenue. Female is distracting the clerk while Ladelle slips into back. He steals an iPad mini and a broken iPad as well as employee’s jacket and wallet. All caught on surveillance video. He’s breaching bail again

January 31,2018. Ladelle is in parking lot of North West Community Health Center on Simpson Street. He breaks into one vehicle and steals 2 suitcases. Only 1 suitcase is recovered by police. He smashes window on another vehicle to steal a phone and a woman’s personal items.

February 1, 2018. Ladelle is observed in parking lot of Galaxy Lanes on Arthur Street breaking into and damaging vehicles by a concerned citizen. The citizen intervened and chased Lidelle. An OPP officer just happened to be driving by and joined the chase. Ladelle is caught at the Comfort Inn. He has a gray gym bag with stolen stuff in it, 3 laptops , other peoples clothes and a few sunglasses. Ladelle is taken into custody. He’s also charged with badly damaging a pick up truck at Victoria Inn. He winds up back at Thunder Bay Jail.

The presentence report is in. Ladelle grew up in very loving home with caring parents. His lawyer is discussing with the judge where things might have gone wrong for Ladelle. Judge Pelletier already knows the answer….DRUGS . Opiates and crack are Ladelle’s preferred drugs. Pelletier states “ PARENTS ARE TIRED OF BEING LET DOWN BY THEIR ADULT CHILDREN WITH ADDICTIONS” The court hears that his mother’s Great Grandfather was Louis Riel and Dilico will not allow him to see his child. He was diagnosed bi-polar 12 years ago. He was married for 8 years.

Her Honour Pelletier tells Ladelle “You probably have no place to live except jail”. She’s clearly not impressed with his “uncontrollable drug seeking behaviour”. She warns him that he’s now 39 and her anecdotal observations from her experience on the bench is that the body of an addict will deteriorate rapidly past 40 years of age. She discusses the primary sentencing principles of denunciation and deterrence. I observe Ladelle is losing focus rapidly. She asks Ladelle if he has anything to say before being sentenced. Ladelle replies that he does not.

Defence recommends 8-9 months. Crown wants 9-12 months. Judge Pelletier starts reading off all the charges and the sentences. She’s clearly exasperated by the sheer volume of paperwork involved for this one defendant. Ladelle is staring at a wall in back of courtroom. His lawyer tells him to look at Judge as he’s being sentenced. Originally charged with 26 offences, the Crown withdrew 9 charges leaving Ladelle with 17 criminal convictions. He has a related criminal record. He’s receiving another 10 months in custody. Judge Pelletier is recommending a treatment custody Center in Sault Ste Marie. He’s getting 18 months of probation and there is a Section 738 restitution order being made up.

Ladelle will have 3 years from the time he’s released to pay his victims back almost 6000$. He’s also hit with the mandatory Victim Surcharge Fines of 1800$. An order to obtain his DNA is also made.

He’s also ordered to stay away from:

  • St Agnes Church
  • St Thomas Church
  • Maier Hardware
  • Canadian Tire
  • Victim home Mary St
  • Galaxy Lanes
  • LCBO
  • Gordie’s Cell Phone Repair
  • Community Health Center
  • Victoria Inn

Ladelle is led out of Courtroom by Thunder Bay Police. He’ll most likely be released in about 6.5 months.


From The Desk of Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition