“Horrendous” Lady Has City Put Up Sound Barrier Fence


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In another smooth move, the city has spent more of your tax dollars in an odd way.

A lady who went viral when she called the noises of children playing at the North End splash pad “horrendous”, has won a battle with the city to have a sound barrier installed to prevent the “horrendous” noises from reaching her back yard.

Neighbours in the area are happy with the splash pad, but Gamble and her neighbour friend seem to be annoyed and wanted the noises handled.

Deanna is believed to be related to Jim Gamble, the two time failed mayoral candidate and convicted criminal harasser of a woman.

Regulars of the park are not impressed that this barrier is put up and some are calling it an “eyesore”. We are looking into how much the sound barrier cost.

Dease Pool remains closed.

“So one miserable person that can’t stand listening to children got her way and now we all have to stare at this eye sore ? .. I am not one to complain but .. I just can’t believe the money that was wasted for this hideous sound barrier … I wonder if the people that live right by the highway could get sound barriers built so they don’t have to listen to transports night and day .. 🤯“ said Kate Turner, a regular to the splash pad.

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16 Replies to ““Horrendous” Lady Has City Put Up Sound Barrier Fence”

  1. Tell the waste of space to move. The city has way too many bitching old skin bags ….she lives in a house BACKING ON A CITY PARK WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

    They are playing in the water park or would you rather have them in the street or alley doing drugs?

  2. LOL what next….they should put up some plastic flowers from the Dollar Store….I think ORANGE TIGER LILIES should brighten up the area…well when I pass by there this coming week I will stick in some white daisies lol I will put in 2 daisies representing my husband, myself, and 2 tiger lilies different colors representing our son and daughter and a lilac for my son’s little boy and a a rose for my daughters little girl and 3 different others representing my daughters 3 sons….from a eyesore to something pretty, the public does not need to suffer seeing ugliness when we can add a little of paradise huh?? Bad idea or good???? I hope the public can do such a thing that would be so beautiful….art in it’s finest…the wall will be full in no time with all the families that go there…hope I don’t go to jail because of it or get charged lol…..JUST A THOUGHT!!!!


  4. 1) you live behind a park what do you expect? 2) don’t like the noise then go sell your house and move outta our ‘hood cause we sure don’t want chai here now 3) doesn’t she have grand children? And more than 1? 2? Do they not yell and scream and play? Or does she not wanna see them because they’re noisy? 4) that wall is butt fkkk ugly. 5) maybe the city should bill her for the wall.
    How do these people keep getting their way? North end splash pad WAS beautiful until that wall went up. I can’t immagine what the rest of the crescent thinks who have their yards facing the park. I can understand soccer nights cause when I take my son the parking is bad and but it’s never loud with hundreds of children there all at the same time??? That’s my choose to go to a loud and busy park. But the neighbours Now they have to sit and look at some ugly thing that blocks the sound of children having fun? Be thankful we don’t live in a ‘hood where gun shots go off and there’s constantly people fighting. Could be worse!

  5. I am glad she got her fence!
    You do not understand the noise the comes out of there until you are trying to enjoy a gorgeous day outside within earshot of the splash pad!
    Nobody hates the sound of children playing, but the sound of children playing and the screams that children make when ice cold water is dumped on them are two completely different things!!! All day long it the sound of SHRIEKING children is constant!!!!
    Everyone attacking her have not been to a splash pad and does not understand the noise she is upset about!!

    The city should have done more planning before installing this splash pad, there is so much land at north end, but they choose to put it directly behind the only houses lining the entire field.

    I am sorry for all the harassment she has received on the issue and I hope she can now enjoy her back yard!!!!

  6. she is a joke poor kids you do something good and there is always someone that bitches move if you can’t handle it

  7. She hasn’t ruined anything for the people at the pad. What she has ruined is her reputation of being a nice person.

  8. We’ve all seen the “Wizard Of Oz”.
    Maybe a house will fall on this witch or
    get her wet at the splash pad and she’ll melt.

  9. How sad is it that children cannot even have fun in the sun. A splash pad is an awesome way for them to cool off and play with their friends. What about all the people that live around the outdoor pools and have listened to children laughing and having fun swimming in the summer heat. No one has ever complained about that and demanded a sound barrier is this woman insane and the city council is more insane for giving her her wish to put it up. There were so many other places that money could have gone and done some good. There are people that live next to highways now there is high noise level and they do not have barriers put up to quiet the sound and they get it night and day. Now try living with that this woman must have a hate on for children having fun is all that I can say the pad is open only till 8 at night so where is the problem??? It is pretty sad when a home owner can make the city put up such a ridiculous thing. Maybe the city should have put that money to good use by fixing up Dease Pool but they would rather take away something to make kids happy then try to fix the problem. Shame on you Mrs. for ruining the kids fun but then maybe you never hade a fun childhood and do not want to see children having fun. Just my opinon that is all I hope that she is happy or at least until she can find something else to complain about.

  10. I hear $25,000 is the price tag for the sound barrier at the splashpad. It’s cheaper to buy the two a case of earplugs.

  11. I live on the same crescent behind this splash pad and I drive with open windows and walk the crescent enough to know that there is no horrendous noise at all. I have talked with many of my neighbours and they all agree the complainant is just a nasty woman who likes to control others that has gotten her way here. There had been a rec centre and school located beside the splash park for decades that has hockey in the winter and baseball and soccer in the summer and no one complained before. The splash pad is only open for such a short period of a few weeks for the kids in the summer and that woman should be ashamed of her selfish manipulatvie spiteful behavior. If she feels the noise is too much for her I suggest she move to Mars. We wont miss her.

  12. Yes, Dino…more of our tax dollars wasted on one persons whims….do we all get a turn? Is this like a lottery? OK, great! I want the city to buy one of those trucks that has a weighted pounding attachment on it (they have them in Minnesota). It is used to pound down the asphalt when they fill the holes in the roads, so that the asphalt actually stays in the hole. This occurred to me as I watched our city employees throw some hot asphalt into holes, drive over it and move on to the next one. Half of that asphalt is on my tires and the underside of my vehicle and the rest is on yours.

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