FWFN Pot Shop Goes Against FWFN Law


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In an interview with TRCCTB.COM, Ken Ogima, CEO of Fort William First Nation has told us that the “pot shop” that appears to have been opened, has done so illegally and may be shut down soon.

Ken Ogima, CEO of Fort William First Nation has released the following statement after a “pot shop” opened for business on Fort William First Nation.


“With the most recent changes to Government Legislation on the manufacturing, sale and use of Cannabis (Marijuana), Municipalities are still in the process of developing rules, regulations, and policies particularly around the sale of such product.

Fort William First Nation realizes that it must do the same in order to properly manage these changes in the best interest of our community and its members. Our Youth and Elderly are a priority when it comes to Community Safety and Well-Being.

As an immediate interim measure, The Chief and Council, at a Duly Convened Meeting passed a Band Council Resolution placing a Moratorium on all supports to current and new vendors wishing to manufacture for the purpose of sale all Cannabis Products. A Copy of the Band Council Resolution will be placed on the FWFN Website.


This Moratorium shall remain in effect until such time that appropriate policies can be prepared and passed by Chief and Council.

Our Local Authorities have been notified to intervene on individuals on FWFN who are manufacturing Cannabis or dispensing Cannabis for the purpose of sale. The Ministry of Finance is on notice that Fort William First Nation does not sanction the sale of Cannabis on reserve and further has been advised of the FWFN Moratorium via Band Council Resolution to reject any application received from individuals on FWFN applying for Vendors permit for the purpose of dispensing Cannabis. Local authorities will follow up on those individuals found dispensing marijuana for the purpose of sale accordingly.

As we are all aware, these legislation changes are new to Municipalities and First Nations across Canada. Therefore, our Chief and Council want to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to Govern and Manage these changes and to effectively maintain a safe and protected environment for our members, specifically our children. We trust members will be patient and provide full cooperation by adhering to the Interim Moratorium.


Ken Ogima C.E.O. Fort William First Nation’

In a nutshell, the “pot shop” that opened on City Road is likely illegal, and anyone purchasing marijuana from the shop may also be subject to criminal charges as well.


6 Replies to “FWFN Pot Shop Goes Against FWFN Law”

  1. Criminal charges? Wake up .understand the law. There are far more criminal things going on at the Mission than this little pot operation.

    Just give Ole Pete and his crew the required “honorium” weekly and they will leave you in peace

  2. I say leave them alone! MEDICAL marijuana is being greedy, dispensaries have given everyone and their dog prescriptions leaving the patients who are in real need unable to obtain very little, if anything at all. People are snapping up the marijuana at their compassionate pricing, then selling it on the street for full price. The streets are loaded with it. I sit here going on month 3 still not being able to fill my script since this online crap from the government and its infinite wisdom decided allow online purchase only, and allowing medical dispensaries to reap the benefits/profits. Not to mention the government as well!!!

  3. What we do on our land is our own business. There are far more problems than the weed thing going on on the Rez and Thunderbay. Just continue doing a good job in getting the dope off the streets and the puck-a** gangsters out 👍🏾

  4. There was a BCR passed many years ago about not selling alcohol on the rez. Well a certain establishment has had the privilege of selling booze for years on the Rez. Hard drugs like crack, cocaine and fentynol laced drugs are being sold and have been sold on this rez for years. Stop being a hypocrite and self-serving. This only makes you look worse than you are and this is to the those who always take and never give.

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