Abu’s Corner – April 2 2019


What was your best memory about rain in your childhood ?

Did you used to go outside and play with your friends when it was raining?☺️🌝


Did you used to make boat made of paper and let it go in the water 💧 😘

Did you used to swim in the water of flood made by rain here☺️

I have so many things wondering about my mind what people do in rain here and do rain make people feel happy here like back home and do rain has a relation with emotion 😉


When it rains I feel homesick and miss my days when I used to enjoy it lots.I believe when someone cry it rain in the city but have to figure out who’s crying is responsible for it.😉

Would you mind sharing your feelings about rain ☺️


6 Replies to “Abu’s Corner – April 2 2019”

  1. I sit outside, if I couldn’t find a small overhang to cover my head, I dress in raingear, since I was a kid until now, near a bird feeder. The bird songs and sounds of wet wings is very nice, its got a different subtle sound to it that very few people have noticed, the sound of the rain is just so soothing

  2. Raining outside?
    Staying inside and building model cars or playing with trains.
    HMMM, still do……….

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