VIDEO – Junot Ave Set to Reopen on Monday Nov 11th

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – After months and months of a portion of Junot Ave being closed completely between John Street and Walkover, the wait is almost over.


The road, which was two lanes and basically a disaster after a horrible pavement job happened recently, is set to open on Monday, November 11th. Somehow, a bumpy and turbulent paving job passed quality control. A person close to the job when the paving was being put down said that quality wasn’t a top priority as the road was set to be ripped up and 4 laned soon after.

Driving down the sloppy bippity-boppity paving job prior to the work just done was so rough, that people were often seen driving below the 40km/h speed limit, just out of caution not to damage their vehicles or be throw from the road and into the ditch.

South of the construction site is Golf Links Road, which is four laned all the way to Arthur Street. Golf Links changes to Edward Street at the James Street intersection.

North of the construction site and past Red River Road is also four laned. The road changes to River Street at Red River Road and is four laned all the way to Cumberland.


Below is the video of the sign indicating when to expect the road to open.


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