VIDEO: Highway 61 Multi Vehicle Collision


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Reports have hit our newsroom regarding a south side collision on a notorious stretch of highway.

Early information says that possibly three vehicles are involved in what is believed to be a collision.

The incident is said to have unfolded on Highway 61 near Broadway.

We have not been able to confirm if any injuries were sustained in the incident.

Superior North EMS along with Ontario Provincial Police responded to the scene.

Sources tell us the incident happened around 8:00 pm this evening. We are working hard to uncover more details. The video is below:


2 Replies to “VIDEO: Highway 61 Multi Vehicle Collision”

  1. No update on this..
    Was it some idiots racing to the bridge from the Broadway lights again ?
    They really should close off the thru part of the slow lane at Broadway and just make it an accel lane only for right turners at Broadway.
    Too many idiots use this short stretch of extra lane as their own personal passing zone.

  2. Yup that be me Dave. Maybe people should learn how to accelerate on a highway from any traffic light and not think they’re on a city street. When was the last time a ticket was written for doing 25 – 30 k under the limit?? Plus you’re going down hill. Or why does it take a 1/4 mile to get up to speed?

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