VIDEO: Drunken Man Flops Around Memorial Ave Traffic


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A Memorial Ave incident involving a drunken man and slow-moving traffic was a cause of concern this evening.

Sources indicate that a drunken man was tossing himself into traffic on Memorial Ave in the area near Wendy’s and Kia.


A number of people attempted to help the man as he was shouting about wanting to die.

The citizens who were helping him removed the man from the roadway as one of them was on the phone with 911 to get some medical assistance for the guy.

If you see someone in need of medical attention, always call 911 and request paramedics to come assess the person. You could save a life.


Thank you to all involved in the situation and the concerned citizen who sent in the video of this good deed.


6 Replies to “VIDEO: Drunken Man Flops Around Memorial Ave Traffic”

  1. I like how they are helping the person get off the road to safety but at the same time they are going through their backpack and obviously trying to pocket something because why wouldn’t they wait till they’re off the road if it was for any other reason

    1. They are probably looking for his ID. I’m glad he was found safe before any harm came his way. Sad that people drink to that extreme. But I could be wrong and he was having a medical emergency. Either way Kiddos to the city police.

  2. Just another display of a typical disgusting performance that occurs on a regualr basis in Dumpster Bay. Winos, crackheads, money moochers, klepto’s, walking STD’s take your pick, there is no shortage of any of that garbage here. This town is one huge overflowing toilet and anyone who denies it is just living in their own castle in the sky. How the hell do our frontline police officers put up with this infinite trash every shift without loosing it? I just can not imagine how they are able to perform their jobs day in and day out, exposed to the same shit over and over only to get pissed on for doing so. ALL those brainless wonders in charge of this town need to be kicked to the curb because of their incompetence and worthless attempts to govern this city. They are failing the citizens enormously and yet still collecting a paycheck. That theft is a crime in itself.

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