(RAITH, ON) – A Highway 17 collision that unfolded last evening has a sad ending for those involved.

At least 1 person has lost their life and others injured.


The collision took place around 9:00 pm last night near Raith. Police say the highway was closed in both directions and remains closed at the time of publishing this article. UPDATE: The Highway was briefly open around 7:00 am in one lane but has since been closed again.

Witnesses say that two vehicles collided head on and then burst into flames. We have been told that both vehicles were transports but also that one was either a truck or a truck was also involved.

Two ambulances were seen racing from the scene towards Thunder Bay shortly after the incident.


Firefighters had some level of difficulty extinguishing the flames.

We will provide more details as they are available.


2 Replies to “UPDATE: Fatal Highway 17 Collision”

  1. Of course it is sad someone has lost their life but what will it take to impose stricter regulations and penalites for those inexperienced or aggressive transport drivers. Obviously the tragic Humbolt crash that killed 16 and seriously wounded another 13 youths in the prime of their life hasnt affected some of those demented transport drivers who put profit over safety. Never mind inquires and recommendations. Get some much stricter penalties in place for those who ignore the safety of others on the road. BTW I am not painting all the transport drivers with this brush because there are some drivers out there who have a healthy respect for other drivers and take safety very seriously.

    1. I’m sorry but to make a comment like the one you’ve just left, on a story about a fatal accident where TWO people have lost their lives is absolutely disrespectful. If you’re not painting all drivers alike then you sure as heck need to think very deeply before you make a post like this and attach it directly to a situation where you do not know either of the drivers involved and who will not be coming home to their families. One of these drivers IS part of my family and has been a driver for many, many years: not aggressive and certainly not inexperienced. For crying out loud have some respect and don’t think for a moment that it’s justified because you started your rant with “of course it is sad that someone list their life but…” You have no idea just how hurtful your words are for family to read at a time like this.

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