Roundabout Proposed for Ford Street and Victoria Ave


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A new single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Victoria Avenue East and Ford Street South is being proposed for Council’s approval in the 2019 Capital Budget. A roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel around a centre island.

“There are many benefits to installing a roundabout at an intersection,” said Matt Miedema – Project Engineer. “Roundabouts are designed to maximize vehicle and pedestrian safety, minimize pollution and fuel consumption, and the maintenance costs are lower compared to traditional traffic signals.”


The proposed roundabout is a single-lane roundabout capable of accommodating all vehicles, including buses and large trucks. Pedestrians and cyclists will be accommodated through shared use paths and refuge areas. In addition, pedestrian crossover signals are proposed on the west side of the intersection for anyone traveling north-south across Victoria Avenue.

The existing traffic signals at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Lillie Street would be removed. These signals are not warranted based on vehicle and pedestrian volumes and would no longer be required to manage transit buses if the roundabout was constructed.

Additionally, Lillie Street would be converted to a One-Way Street. Traffic would be permitted to travel northbound only on Lillie Street between Victoria Avenue and Walnut Street. Additional traffic studies will be completed in 2019 to confirm any other required changes to traffic flows.


The City’s Engineering Division is suggesting constructing this roundabout at this time as Victoria Avenue, between Edward Street and Lillie Street, is scheduled for pavement resurfacing.

The Ford Street multi-use trail will be extended as part of this project and is proposed to be constructed in stages.

The City will be hosting two public education sessions regarding roundabouts:

  1. Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019, from 4 – 7 pm, at the Salvation Army Community Church, 2621 Victoria Ave. E.
  2. Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, from 4 – 7 pm, at Mariner’s Hall, 2201 Sleeping Giant Pkwy

For more information on roundabouts, and to provide comments and location feedback, visit:

Source: City of Thunder Bay


9 Replies to “Roundabout Proposed for Ford Street and Victoria Ave”

  1. Let’s Do IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a stoplight at every block in this city!!! Ridiculous waste of time and gas.

    PLUS: There is going to be sheer hilarity when the idiotic driver’s that infest this city try this thing for the first time!! I hope there are cameras rollin.

    1. It’s about time we started getting roundabouts! Traffic flows so much better instead of stop lights or 4way stops.

      Good idea to put it on a fairly quiet street, that way ThBay drivers will have a chance to get used to the idea before busier intersections are switched over to roundabouts.

      Agree, it’ll be interesting to see how people handle it. Remember all the whining when the new crossovers were introduced?

      They should also install web accessible traffic cameras. So we can watch the fun from the safety of our homes. 🙂

  2. Roundabouts have been used in Europe for decades. I have used them on many occasions during trips to Europe and once I got used to them it is easy to see how convenient and efficient they are for moving traffic along. Vehicles must slow down to make the turns and there is little to no chance of the t-bone accidents so common at stoplights when a driver is racing to beat a light change just as another is making a left turn. It will greatly reduce frustration once drivers become accustomed to them. It really is about time to do something with all of the stoplights in this city. Traffic Cameras at stoplights would help also. I think that in general Thunder Bay drivers are no worse than other places at least in Canada.
    I have written to the mayor and councillors several times promoting the use of roundabouts and 4 way stops in place of traffic lights so just maybe someone listened?

    1. traffic / red light cameras only increase accidents. Stop writing letters and start reading. Google it

      Also roundabouts are only efficient where needed. This location is certainly not one of them.

  3. This is a moronic idea that does nothing to help traffic flow. It guarantees that every vehicle travelling on Victoria ave will have to slow down and navigate the circle. As it stands now traffic on Victoria vs Ford st is probably 25-35:1 So now you are impeding the flow of every vehicle. This is also a delay for any emergency vehicles since they will have to navigate the circle no matter what, where if just an intersection they can proceed through, especially if they have an intersection with traffic lights that respond to their strobes which turn the lights to green. Lets not even mention the snow removal issues … yup, its a dumb idea and an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.

    So why do we need all this nonsense, especially at this particular location??

  4. I agree roundabouts are a better way than traffic lights to mange traffic and keep it flowing. I use them all the time in my travels to the west coast. But I wonder how many accidents there will be here though because of the neanderthal mentality of so many drivers here. You dont just charge on through, you do have to slow down a bit and let the ones already coming by pass before you proceed. Too many morons in this city have the mentality that they absolutely just wont let any other driver get one car length in front of them and they blow through red lights as if the roads as if the roads are their exclusive race strips. Try merging onto the expressway here. You will be driven off the road because as soon as the drivers already on the expressway see you coming they automatically put the pedal to the metal because by George you are NOT going to be one car length in front of them. I’ve driven the Coq often enough (Highway thru hell) and I would rather drive it anytime than the expressway (Suicide Alley) here on a dry sunny day.

  5. Way too much traffic on Victoria to do this. What is the ratio that will have to maneuver on ice for one vehicle that needs to turn left from st joes.? Maybe the money saved from closing dease pool could pay for this idiotic idea! NOW thunderbay has another way to cause pollution ,accidents and cease any flow from congestion .(besides 4 ways and stop lights every block,). I swear I’ve driven the same distance in huge cities in way less time than it takes to drive a mile in this small town.

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