Highway 17 Collision Causes Major Injuries


(MARATHON, ON) -On Tuesday November 26 at 2:05pm, members of the Marathon, Manitouwadge, AND Schreiber Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachments responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision (MVC), on Highway 17, west of Marathon approximately 2km west of Neys Provincial Park.

An eastbound tractor trailer (TT), left the roadway on a corner coming into contact with the eastbound guardrails then crossed the roadway coming into contact with a rock cut in the westbound ditch. The vehicle struck the rock-cut head-on causing it to jackknife, coming to rest with the tractor being pinned between the trailer and the rock cut.


The 38 year old driver, Imran BASHIR from Mississauga, ON, was unable to exit the vehicle and had to be extracted by the Marathon, Schreiber and Terrace Bay Fire Departments. The driver received major injuries and was transported to a local hospital by Marathon Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The driver was then transferred to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre for further treatment.

The highway was closed for approximately 6 hours then opened to one lane for approximately 1 hour. Due to weather conditions and the location of the MVC the removal of the TT and cleanup will continue on Wednesday 27 November.

The OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigation (TTCI) unit attended and the investigation is ongoing in this MVC.


Please use caution when driving in this area over the next few days while cleanup is being conducted. Try not to drive at night or when visibility is poor due to fog or heavy rain. If you are fatigued, please pull over and rest.

Drive safe and stay alert.

Source: OPP

Photo: Supplied


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  1. It’s awesome how these long haul employers, higher immigrants who have no clue how to drive, let alone drive in the Canadian winter.
    Keep it up guys, your doing great.

  2. Lucky he didnt kill someone in the other lane. We have transport drivers in our family and they agree there are way too many incompetent transport drivers who take reckless chances and drive aggressively who should not be allowed AZ licenses. Those incompetent jockey drivers are the ones who give a bad name to transport drivers who do drive responsibly There should be better longer training and a mandatory restrictions for the first two years for all new drivers and those convicted of a Highway Traffic Act violation. Also the penalties for non compliance of following the required regulations and for accidents they cause should be more severe for them. Humbolt was a wake up call that should have made stricter training before giving just anyone an AZ license.

  3. The pull over and take a break. The tiredness can and will cause a lights- out on a driver if he ignores what should be one of the first and foremost lessons of any driving school. Insomnia is a symptom of many factors. This can be a result of unusual sleep accommodation, watching television, ill health, medication(s), unusual food, physical tiredness or inability to address personal “drama”, court proceedings, relationships, financial obligations, Accumulation of insufficient sleep periods over time After years of resting and driving without a “pill” to push the boundary, my input is from considerable personal experience. Which was a good one, until the oncoming traffic “proved” that it was time to retire.

  4. seen lot of immigrants driving with headphones looking down swerving on highway when we went to ottawa had to honk horn couple time they need a few years of learning to drive transport no cell phones major cause of accidents they should not be allowed to drive here in canada

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