Highway 11 Closed: Nipigon to Cochrane


(NIPIGON TO COCHRANE, ON) – UPDATE: 6:14 am Still closed from Nipigon to Beardmore. Highway 17 is open. It was closed earlier from Nipigon to Terrace Bay.

EARLIER: The Ontario Provincial Police have closed Highway 11 this evening.


Police say the closure is due to poor road and weather conditions in the area.

The Highway has been closed from Nipigon to Cochrane.

Highway 17 remains closed from Nipigon to Terrace Bay.


Barricades have been placed at both ends of both highway closures.

It is recommended not to travel this evening on highways and to call any vulnerable or elderly people you may know in the impacted areas to check on them.


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  1. Yet here I am, and happy to be here! I had to drop out of the ROTC program due to a lack of promised transportation to weekly classes. I HATED coding in my comp sci classes. I started on a pre law track. I took education courses wanting to sharpen my pedagogical skills in case I taught college some day, and fell in love with teaching. I even had to fight my college mentor over my choice, as he thought secondary education to be a waste.

  2. Sounds like “excuses” were your major anyway. Excuse me, thank you; I couldn’t help my urge to strike back at the lesson we are now teaching students. Always valued institutions, not so much the dominant Alphas of our Species prone to repeating mistakes of the past, they are, we are. Conclude and move on, shall we?

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