HEAD ON COLLISION: Highway 17 Transport vs Transport


(RAITH, ON) – Reports have hit our newsroom regarding a highway collision that has happened in our region.

Inital reports are saying that a transport and a vehicle have collided head-on about 35 kilometers or so east of Upsala near Raith. UPDATE: It was a transport vs transport.


The collision sparked a fire that was battled by firefighters who responded to the scene. The closure begins at the junction with Highway 11 in Shabaqua all the way up Highway 17 to Highway 599.

Highway 17 is currently closed in both directions with no reasonable detour setup at this time.

Reports are saying that the collision happened shortly after 7:00 pm this evening. The roadway is expected to be closed for quite sometime.


Motorists are asked to avoid the area. Injuries are expected but have not been confirmed as of this point. Two ambulances were spotted racing from the scene in the direction of Thunder Bay. UPDATE: Collision resulted in at least one fatality.

UPDATE at the link below.


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  1. Someone is killed nearly every week on this horrible stretch of highway!!! Twin the highway from Kakabeka to Upsala for god sake. I know Carolyn mulroney or Doug Ford don’t give a shit but these are our loved ones going to work on these roads up here and this stretch has had a terrible accident along every inch of it in the past couple of years!!

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