Dawson Road / Highway 102 Collision


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – For the second time today, a crash has developed on a notorious stretch of roadway near Thunder Bay.

A number of citizens have reported that traffic is backed up along Dawson Road / Highway 102 and they believe the cause is yet another tractor-trailer involved collision.

Sources tell TRCC News that the crash happened out front of Emerald Greens, near the turnoff for Lappe called Dog Lake Road.

Officers with the Ontario Provincial Police, firefighters and paramedics with Superior North EMS are believed to be on location.

Anyone who needs to traverse through the area is asked to consider a detour route. If you must travel through the area, please remember to “slow down and move over” for anyone working on roadways, including tow truck operators. That is law.

This is a developing story and we will update you as more information becomes available.


7 Replies to “Dawson Road / Highway 102 Collision”

  1. Kings Highway 102 is NOT the problem, it’s these drivers that are inexperienced that don’t know how to handle 40 tons. A lot of these transports have an automatic transmission so just jump in and go. Let them report where these drivers are from (trying to get their permanent residence card ?). This isn’t down East where there is a minimal amount of snow. Just like the fiery collision and deaths on 17 where the 24 year old bounced off his guardrail and into the other lane into the other transport.. Might as well keep transports off of Highway 17 too!

    1. I agree with Million Miler. My husband has made similar comments. Some of the drivers are not well trained nor do they have sufficient expertise in the handling of the vehicles they drive and on the roads they travel .
      Go back to the way they used to be trained……

    2. I think part of the issue is the amount of people that live out that way now. DEFINITELY the drivers with little or no experiance, truckers and the citizens.

      Why did they do the bypass? I have heard do many different sides that I dont even know what true any more.

    3. @ Dingding: The only thing logical, if the density of the population can justify it, is to petition the province to reduce the speed limit to say.. 70kmh. Likewise, the city could reduce the speed out to the city limits to 50kmh.
      There would then be no time saved taking this route, and the truck load would likely split (some wont want to go 50 for that length of time) between the two routes.
      If locals whine about the reduced speed, remind them it’s for their own safety.

  2. Ding Ding there ALWAYS have been lots of people living out there oliver mayor f ,d it up when it was way cheaper to complete truck route SHE THOUgHT if she does. possibly. truckers would stop in KB AND BUY THINGS and TAX payers money went to buying farmers land past KB for nothing now there is definite probs with drivers that get a 1 week course in sask and they can be on road UNREAL and if you read this google both I could not believe the guy did not have a clue how to hook tractor to trailer federal and provincial govt step up not just tax us more and leave taxpayers unsafe

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