COLLISION: Transport Crashes into Lake Helen


(LAKE HELEN, ON) – Yet another northern Ontario winter crash. The north could really benefit from some better road maintenance and some divided highway, no?

A transport truck left the road around 9:00 am this morning and ended up making contact with the lake. The incident is believed to be a single vehicle incident.


It appears that the occupants managed to get out of the vehicle and have not sustained any life-threatening injuries.

Anyone travelling in the area are urged to remain cautious and drive safely at all times.

Do not forget that it is the law to “slow down” and “move over” when first responders are working on the side of the road, this includes tow trucks.


Lake Helen is located along Highway 11, just a bit north of Nipigon.


7 Replies to “COLLISION: Transport Crashes into Lake Helen”

  1. Every trucker involved in an accident should be drug screened.

    Half of the truck drivers on the road today are from countries that never see snow. They don’t know how to deal with it until it’s too late.

  2. My family lives and travels that highway everyday. It’s our life line and around that corner there to reduce speed ,those truck hit those at 110 or more when it’s a 80 km zone. I wonder every time is that truck going to take me out. Getting worse not better

  3. I was behind a transport a few nights ago coming back from Dryden. The road was slightly snow covered. The guy’s speed was bouncing around between to 65 and 80 so I figured I’d pass him at the next passing lane. When the passing lane opened up this idiot straddled both lanes so there was no way to get around him. I ended up pulling off at Upsala to take a break and get away from this guy. I caught up to him again near Shabaqua and he was taking both lanes again.
    This guy was either on something or had never driven on a snowy night. How do people like this get their licence??

    1. When you have foreigner scammers getting permits to provide driver training to their ex-countrymen, a license is easy to get. Unfortunately, a license does not come with capability nor experience.

      Remember the Humboldt Broncos.

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