COLLISION: Highway 11/17 East of Thunder Bay


(SHUNIAH, ON) – This morning, we received reports that a tractor-trailer unit had left the divided highway and ended up resting in the ditch.

Our preliminary investigation was unable to determine if another vehicle was involved or if wildlife was struck during the initial incident. Perhaps this was the result of a medical issue such as a heart or diabetic attack.

Soon after we fled the scene, a cruiser with the Ontario Provincial Police pulled over next to the wreckage.

The ditched tractor-trailer unit is located east of Thunder Bay on the Trans-Canada Highway 11/17 near the KOA Campgrounds in the Township of Shuniah.

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  1. WTF Roads conditions were ideal. Are these drivers impaired or distracted or what? These incidents of ditching the truck are way too common these days. People have been driving these big rigs for decades with rare incidents but for some reason the incidents are now almost daily. And when it is an accident it usually involves innocent people being killed. The drivers today either need longer better training or stricter criteria to drive a bigrig. It appears that just the opposite is what is actually taking place.

    1. This is what happens when u give trudeaus immigrants licenses as they come off the plane and the keys to one of these rigs

    2. My opinion is its the shady trucking companies and the shady “drivers” who are given the easy sponsorships from their fellow immigrant countrymen.
      All professional drivers should have to be educated via community colleges.
      Making commercial driving a trade.
      Sanctioned national courses, standardized nationally and under the Ministry of Education and MOT.
      All company owners MUST be graduates.
      And ALL applicants of jobs nationally, MUST have the certification and licensing.
      Even when legally directed to cease and desist, the owners simply apply for and rename their business and keep working
      Thousands are being maimed, injured and killed while these low life b*stards cheat Canadians.
      And many arent dealt with much at all- just read the news from southern Ontario- some of them “drivers” cant even back the trailers up to loading docks bc they dont have to learn.
      Several incidences of early morning commuters on tje 401 were appalled to see them driving withoit ANY lights on in the dark!

    1. Rob, Although we desperately do need more divided highways, that wont stop these almost daily incidents from happening. The Coq in BC (AKA Highway Thru Hell) is a beautiful divided highway with a posted speed of 120 KM (in good weather, speed is reduced in bad weather) with many places there are 3 lanes and one is for transport trucks to make it up the steep hills. There are tons of transports ditched there too not only in snow but anytime of the year. Its not the roads or weather causing these accidents . Its the drivers.

  2. sure, bring nuke waste through here from the south…what could happen?!!! No transports ever crash in the winter up here!!!

  3. SERIOUSLY, what ever happened to the driving school’s doing a great job of the new Canadians on driving techneics on winter driving and Cant be on the road unless you have the proper training.
    Oh RIGHT,its all about the MONEY.
    WHO gives a RATS ASS on Safety.

    1. 100% correct the training is so lenient to get needed HEAVY truck drivers that companies hire whoever applies and has license for a big truck, and I really admire good drivers (you can tell the way they do it) in ontario though it fairly extensive( has anyone seen or heard of local drivers causing a crash, dump trucks on dawson I have not heard of more than 1problem they are not in the ditch or in the news I see heavy lawsuit for families who have lost loved ones to govt that allowed western prov,s to give heavy truck licenses in a WEEK? come on that is total liability on govt and us tax payers who will have to foot the bill ,with more cuts to the autistic children and elderly ,also jails and ,,,.

  4. An al queda leader from Iraq was just caught operating a driving school in Phoenix
    Could be he has on in Canada

  5. It’s all a joke 11g to what say you can drive with an experienced driver then get put out to the highways and or logging roads but raj has his family spotting him money but for the rest of us who could do it with alot more common sense and who want to can’t afford it

  6. From the Globe and Mail Oct.11/19 – How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk. Immigration consultants and trucking firms with sketchy safety records have found ways to exploit foreign job seekers, sometimes with tragic results when unprepared drivers are sent out on the road, a Globe investigation finds. His new employer had sent the 26-year-old rookie driver out to navigate a semi-trailer through treacherous mountain passes. “There was no training,” says Mr. S, who had been in Canada as a visitor for just a few months when he got his first job here under a temporary work permit. “I was scared. I didn’t have any idea it would be like this.”

    Mr. S, who comes from Amritsar, in northwestern India, had never experienced ice or snow. He’d never considered being a truck driver, either, but Canadian immigration consultants told him that getting experience in trucking could help him qualify for permanent residency. So, a year ago, he got a licence and found a company to work for in Surrey, B.C. Mr. S says he had to give $10,000 in cash to GLT Transportation just to get hired, then put up with perilous working conditions for weeks on end. “I had two minor accidents in the first four months,” he says. “In my six-month driving period, I only was in Surrey eight to 10 days. Always, we sleep on the road.”

    He has since found a better employer, but he is still appalled that a country like Canada allows reckless trucking companies to send nervous, unprepared newcomers like him out on the highway. “Everything is supposed to be by the rules in Canada,” he says, “but then, when I start work, I find out there are no rules.”
    A Globe and Mail investigation has discovered that young foreign nationals like Mr. S are routinely steered into trucking by some immigration consultants, in collaboration with particular trucking firms. Both take cash payoffs from recruits in exchange for jobs – even though that practice is illegal.
    In audio recordings obtained by The Globe, consultants told one international student a trucking job costs $35,000 to $55,000 – an astonishing sum for aspiring immigrants, who often borrow the money to pay the fee.

    The novice drivers are often unable to decipher Canadian road signs or handle their trucks properly before being sent out on the roads. That inexperience has led to crashes and near misses, according to documented cases, as well as interviews with two dozen sources, including truck drivers, dispatchers, tow operators and industry representatives.

    1. Thanks for posting this- I too read the same article.
      Its a sickening fact knowing out govt know about and not only allow this scam, but promote it.
      If I ever have a family member involved with a crash with these rigs, I intend to sue them all- govts, truck company, MOT, driver

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