Woman Charged For Witchcraft


(TIMMINS, ON) – The Timmins Police Service has charged a local woman with a witchcraft related Criminal Code offence stemming from their investigation. While completing their investigation into a criminal matter, an investigator with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Timmins Police Service became aware of an alleged offence.

It is alleged that a local woman, who maintains an alias and holds herself out to be a self-proclaimed spiritualist, medium, and clairvoyant attempted to elicit funds from a Timmins resident in return for protection from some form potential danger likely to occur to her family.

The matter has been thoroughly investigated by the Timmins Police Service – Criminal Investigations Division and as a result, Tiffany BUTCH, 33 of Timmins has been charged with:

  • Pretending to Practice Witchcraft – Fortune Telling contrary to section 365(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada

The accused has been served with a Summons for Provincial Court in Timmins for January 22nd, 2019, to answer to the charge laid against her.

The Timmins Police Service reminds all citizens to be wary of extravagant claims of impending danger made by any person or persons who claim to have clairvoyant or mystical powers and who will apply such powers or skills in return for financial compensations.

Source: Timmins Police Service


21 Replies to “Woman Charged For Witchcraft”

    1. Honestly. I don’t get it. Lol. If it’s ok to be anything else from Christian Catholic whatever why can’t she just be a witch. Either way someone is going to give you money cause they believe in you. She definitely has lots of followers Halloween Night. She could start a church lol. Would it be legal then?

  1. “Pretending to Practice Witchcraf” so, If she ‘was’ an actual witch…she wouldn’t have been charged….??? Nice work Deputy Dog…..#pfft!

  2. You Canadians have some weird stuff going on. So how do they know she was “pretending” to be a witch? Maybe she really is a witch. And if you say none of her spells work well neither does praying to a god so does that mean they are going to start arresting preachers for pretending to know there is a god when they couldn’t possibly be sure?

    1. Such ignorance!! Keep your opinion close to you. I believe in a Creator bigger than any being on this earth. Prayer and love have helped me. Not a dollar bill!!

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