Police Officer Suspended After Allegations Made


(TIMMINS, ON) – As a result of an allegation made against a Timmins Police Service officer, the Chief of Police has placed the subject officer under suspension from duty in accordance with the provisions that allow for this measure to be undertaken under the Police Services Act.

This matter remains under investigation by the Timmins Police Service – Professional Standards Section. Specific details pertinent to the allegation will not be made public in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation into the officer’s alleged conduct.


Constable Brennan Campbell, a 13-year member of the Timmins Police Service, has been suspended with pay as of December 11th pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Timmins Police Services Board was advised of the officer’s suspension at yesterday’s (12 December, 2019) regular Police Services Board meeting.

The Timmins Police Service places a high value on the ethics and comportment of each of its officers and this measure was deemed necessary in order to maintain the public trust.


All matters currently under investigation by the suspended officer have been reassigned so that service delivery remains intact.

Source: TPS


One Reply to “Police Officer Suspended After Allegations Made”

  1. F_____g great job to have when you screw up, get a few days, weeks, months or even years off with pay when you screw up, with never a worry about being dismissed.

    How did our public services become so corrupt and perverted to have this kind of shit going on with virtually no consequences when public sector employees break the codes of conduct?

    In the private sector, they’d be out of service WITHOUT pay, face a legitimate investigation and if found responsible, they’d be terminated and out on their asses.

    How did the sleazy slime balls pervert the public services sectors so badly? Oh, wait. I think I know. It’s a case of the union tail wagging the management dog.

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