Youth assaults officer


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police Service officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Pacific Avenue for reports of a female in distress shortly at about 2:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018.

When officers arrived they found two intoxicated youths. One youth was deemed safe and returned home to a parent.


The other youth was in a state of distress and said she feared for her wellbeing. She was transported to the hospital.

While at the hospital the youth became combative with nurses and assaulted an officer.

Officers were able to gain control of the situation and removed the youth from the area at the request of hospital staff.


Shortly after the youth again became combative and assaulted another officer.

The youth was charged with two counts of Assaulting a Peace Officer.

The name of the accused is being withheld in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Source: TBPS


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  1. Not race baiting here, but I would like to know the ethnicity of this youth. I’m curious if there’s a trend here as I believe there is.

    1. your not the only one who believs it… seems like quite the trend around here..
      ALL people need to take responsabilty for there own actions no matter what race..
      sick of it all!!

  2. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity they are. I wouldn’t put money on this. WTF is wrong with you guys these are youth who are troubled. In need of some supervision and maybe a little empathy. Why are the kids out during school night drinking? We need solutions not more judgement. This will only get worse if this is what you expect from our youth. Blame the natives blame the liberals send the natives back to the reserves. How about look at yourselves and say what can I do to help. Criticizing the native youth in general. They are not all bad and some actually want a future. Give them opportunity to show how great the can be.

  3. Hey Bubba…….looks like somebody just doesnt get it.Oh well…… can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink .WTF is wrong with you Loops?

    1. @ Steve. You’re exactly right.

      Loops, you’re failing to see the point of all of this. Take the binders off for once!
      You’re like a fly in an empty room with an open window, but you still can’t get out.
      The majority of the racism is caused by yourselves and your leaders

    2. Bubba is that race baiting ? You want to discuss the leaders and me are racists now? Ya Steve is right. I don’t get it.

  4. Bubba…….100% correct.Loopy cant see that this isnt about race.She is too wrapped up in defending her people.Im sure she will continue to babble incoherently……….She claims to be educated but cant see the trees for the forest.

    1. Pino, please post this. It’s not my intention to come across as racist with this. If I have, let me know where and I’ll correct it.

      Loops, we’re not race mongers. We’re just sick and tired of giving everything we earn to you and get spit on in return for it (PUN intended).
      I’m beginning to seriously wonder if you had a brain injury in your accident because you seem to flip flip from side to side.
      No one here hate’s the Natives – they hate the fact your sh*t never stinks and you’re always hard done by. We hate the fact every time there’s an incident, you blame anyone else but yourselves – even though it’s directly your fault. We hate the fact your fearless leader (Fiddler) never shows accountability for the actions of his own people, but are first to blame everyone and anyone other than yourselves for the things you do. We hate the fact your people kill each other, beat each other, steal from us, THEN, blame us because they did it. Then you say it’s our fault for something that was done 200 years ago. You say they’re stealing because of what happened 200 years ago and it’s been brought down through the generations so it’s not their fault, it’s MY fault. Does that actually make sense to you?????? It’s Bullsh!t. You say how oppressed your people are, how we should show love to each other. Guess what, my government has given you hundred’s of millions of dollars, if that’s not showing you love, nothing will. The sad part is, the precedent has been set with the money gifts and that will never go away. With the path we’re on now, sooner or later the tax base from the working people won’t be enough to sustain your people and these “love gifts”. Then who are you going to go after?
      It’s time you and your people took accountability for you own actions and stopped blaming us for things you’re doing to yourselves.

    2. Oh geez here I go with Bubba again. Lol. Glad you got that off your chest. Looks like you have a lot of issues with Natives. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks

    3. Loops – that’s your answer to what I wrote? PLEASE, tell me how I’m wrong with what I said other than “sticks and stones”!

  5. Anyone hear from Alvin on this one! Next time drop them off at Alvin’S house instead of the hospital so HE CAN DEAL WITH THEM before he shoots his mouth off

  6. Looks…you forgot a simple question where are the parents and the overfunded First Nation support groups..These groups have our people living and working in Thunder Bay taking money to support FN eople and do nothing . Educate yourself and see the amount of wasted money and laziness that exists…even Matawa education gets money and just boards these poor
    Kids out to strangers with no support to keep their paycheque rolling. It’s as bad as the res schools

  7. Loops, thanks for a thoughtful response. I can confirm that the girl is not an indigenous youth, though I agree it doesn’t matter. The questions we should be asking are not “where are the parents?” or “what is wrong with the youth today.” Girls and boys such as these are troubled, with early alcohol and drug abuse issues that probably stem from traumatic childhoods. In some cases perhaps it’s just bad choices. They deserve our empathy and they deserve a chance to grow and learn. Instead of “why are these kids so bad and disrespectful?” we should instead ask “what has caused them to resort to alcohol and drug addiction so early in life? How can we help heal the trauma?” Yes, they must be accountable for their actions and choices, but they also need guidance.

    1. 👍. Thank you Charlie. Now these race mongers can kiss my …… haha. In your face Bubba and Steve. You both were wrong and anyone else who fell for Bubba’s lame race bait stories. If you are not part of the solution you are the problem.

    2. Loops, I give up with you. I,m telling you what the issue is, and all you hear is, mo money. Mo money. Mo money. Mo money.
      Your type of attitude is the cause of this all.

  8. bubba……that was so well put that i feel i should laminate and frame it.Unfortunately your talking to a cactus when it comes to some people……

  9. to my knowledge, this is a very, very troubled young lady… i was told that both her parents are dead, and she was previously living with abusive grandparents after that. currently she doesn’t have a place of residence, and may possibly be pregnant on top of all of this. this doesn’t excuse her behaviour that evening in any way, shape or form… i’m just providing context.

    i was in emerg when they brought her in… she was combative and incredibly vocal about what she felt was unfair treatment and how she “hated this city” and everything about it. this gradually devolved into just full-out screaming, repeatedly, and attempting to hit the officers that were trying to deal with her. eventually she was taken outside at the request of the staff in emerg, but this didn’t stop her from continuing with her constant screaming. it was so loud and intense that i visualized blood and chunks of raw flesh coming being ejected from her mouth.

    i do not know what happened after that, as i was far more concerned about my close family member who was barely clinging to life, after i had personally had to do chest compressions on their periodically lifeless body prior to them being taken to emerg by ambulance.

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