Yet Another Store Closes in Intercity Shopping Centre


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another store is closing its doors in Intercity Shopping Centre, this time Carlton Cards is shuttering.

Carlton Cards and Papyrus stores are closing nationwide but will remain open and selling cards online.

The Papyrus website is now stating that all sales are final.

Going-out-of-business sales are now in full swing at all physical stores in both the U.S.A. and Canada.

There are stores in all provinces except New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

What do you think will replace the Carlton Cards and La Senza locations now that they will be open?


2 Replies to “Yet Another Store Closes in Intercity Shopping Centre”

  1. So this makes 6 empty spaces in the mall, 1/Lascenza,2/ Lush, 3/The hair salon next to where Lush was,4/ Old payless shoe near the food court, 5/Lowes and now 6/Carlton, I would imagine the retailers just cant not make a profit with the outrageous rents they are forced to pay. No retailer in the world can stay in business if they dont have customers, and many customers like me shop online or go out of town to avoid the trash lurking around local malls and shopping areas. I would rather shop at a store where I can view the items and keep jobs here, but If it means that I have to run the gauntlet to do so, online is shoppping is darn appealing and much more pleasant experience. This town has turned into one gigantic uncivilized ghetto with zero leadership who not only tolerate all this trash but they allow it. This place is in sore need of competent management in every single sector.


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