Woman Found Unresponsive with a Broken Jaw


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Details are super thin right now as this is a developing story, but we have been told about a very concerning event that unfolded last night.

A woman was found in the back alley of Frederica Street completely unresponsive. Her jaw looked broken and was believed to be. She was likely boot stomped. A witness says they saw two men beat her.


First responders picked her up and she went to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department.

Police were seen in the area trying to piece together what happened.

Anyone with more information is asked to call or text us at 807-355-8917 or email us at tips@trcctb.com.


This is a developing story and we are working to uncover more details.


6 Replies to “Woman Found Unresponsive with a Broken Jaw”

  1. Unnecessary and excessive violence in this sh!t hole is far beyond getting out of hand. When will City leaders decide to analyzed these violent attack and focus on the core segment carrying out the violence. How long can they keep their heads up their asses?

    1. Rex So many others experience the same frustration and feelings of disgust that you do concerning the current state of affairs. The trouble is, the minute anyone and I mean anyone, tries to speak up and never mind act about any of this garbage , they are practically burned at the stake. They are labelled as racist or accused of genocide and the finger jabbed in your face happens. The local cops have been kicked in the head, and the mayor under a microscope and the citizens of this community have been literally been spit upon. Unfortunately , too many people in this country have been so brainwashed by the myths and fabrications put out by the biggest hypocrites and racists themselves. The Indian Act is a serious threat to the democracy of this country and it needs to be abolished. And until it is we can expect the same old crap to occur. And you aint seen nothing yet. It will get worse if that is possible. The writing is on the wall. What most people are not comprehending is the fact that we are being lead down a path to a system that promotes apartheid. Many of the politicians have their heads up their arses and are blinded by their own pension plans. Ensuring the the natives and non natives remain divided is very lucrative for some. Please dont shoot the messenger but just like every dog has their day, all this crap cant keep gong on forever and all hell is going to break loose sometime. . It wont be pretty.

  2. This behaviour of stomping victims to near death is appalling, to say the least. What is WRONG with people today!! Have you NO conscience? NO heart? WtF? I am with Rex on this one. City leaders need to make this a priority and more Police presence is obviously necessary in these focused areas. Tourist season is on its way. Let’s make sure Thunder Bay remains a City people want to visit, NOT drive through!!.

  3. Well if those 3 on Arthur Street are ever convicted the Judge will just blow them a kiss thanks to the Gludue report

  4. I would like to know what happened too.
    I was on Arthur street and brought home by the cops with a HUGE BRUISE on my face.
    Last thing I remember is sitting at a bus stop. Next Im in the back of a cruiser with a huge headache.

  5. I agree with Rex as well. When will our leaders take responsibility for what is going on in our city?

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