Woman Fatally Overdoses, Found Dead Two Days Later


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As the drug epidemic continues it’s a stranglehold on the city of Thunder Bay, more and more people keep dying from potent and often tainted drugs.

Over the last few days, a woman was discovered deceased in an apartment unit near the intersection of Empress and Red River Road.


First responders located the woman after a 911 call was made. An investigation was conducted and it is believed she had died from a drug overdose.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service held the scene for some time after the discovery as they worked hard to determine what happened.

Residents in the area say they have seen a funeral home vehicle retrieving a body during the course of the police presence.


If you or someone you know is using drugs, consider having them call the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask the good people there about how the journey through the recovery process can begin. They are caring and non-judgemental people who have your best interests at heart.

Health officials recommend that no one ever uses drugs alone. In the case of an overdose, you are putting yourself at a high risk of dying. Utilize the buddy system and always have a Narcan kit on hand and a telephone to call 911, should someone overdose.


7 Replies to “Woman Fatally Overdoses, Found Dead Two Days Later”

  1. They SAW a HEARSE. Come on, my dude.

    Also, I am pretty sure hearses don’t pick up bodies from where they died…someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. It’s a risky lifestyle for sure.

    Too bad our permissive society has eroded to the point where so many people drop like flies from drug and alcohol abuse. Everybody oooohs and awwws for a bit whenever someone dies from a drug overdose or a blown out liver from alcohol, then simply turn the page.

    Not that there’s a great loss to society with these drug overdose/alcohol abuse deaths. In most cases where the deceased was a welfare scammer, the burden to society is ever so slightly reduced, until the next freeloading drugger/boozer takes their place.

    1. That’s a terrible thing to say. Did you know nurses, doctors, lawyers and teacher abuse drugs? So if they die is it sad because they aren’t “welfare scammers”? Where are you getting your facts exactly?! You sound dumb as fuck bud

  3. The ones who gave her the deadly drugs are just as responsible for her death. The laws needs to change to have dealers charged with murder when someone dies from their stock of drugs.

    1. We can change the laws all we want. Problem is that the cowardly JPs and judges won’t enforce them anyway. Other than the police doing the front line service, we have no law after that. Just look at all of the recent incompetent decisions for bail handed down by these chicken shits. Bail for a 1st degree murderer FFS!!!

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