Why Oddfellows is Closed: Needles, Garbage, Broken Lights, etc.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The ever notorious “Odd Fellows” building has once again been slammed with bad news. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit shuttered the doors of the building last week. Residents were met with Red Cross workers that has put the tenants up at the Victoria Inn for an estimated month. The landlord will have to pay for these rooms while the building is brought up to snuff.


Yesterday, we were alerted to some new paperwork posted to the outside of the Odd Fellows building which highlights numerous issues the building is having. Lets highlight some of them and the paperwork will be posted in full at the end of this article.

Situation: An emergency light on the second floor did not funciton as it is supposed to. Direction: Repair the light and continue to maintain it in operating condition.

Situation: The second floor contains an electric range that is damaged and unsafe to use. Direction: Remove this electric range so that the fire hazard is removed.

Situation: The furnace room is located in the basement and is below a main floor apartment. Direction; Immediately install a carbon monoxide detector in the main floor apartment and maintain it. Test the detector to confirm it is working . Document and keep records of all tests on site for a minimum of two years.


Situation: The annual inspection for the fire alarm system is overdue. Direction: Immediately have the fire alarm system inspected by a fire alarm technician. Ensure this is done approrpiately.

Situation: Room 305 has a smoke alarm that has extreme discolouration due to cigarette smoke or “other conditions” which may be impacting the effectiveness of the device. Direction: Replace the smoke alarm, test the smoke alarm and keep all records of tests on site for a minimum of two years.

Situation: Multiple sleeping rooms had disabled smoke alarms (removed, disconnected, battery removed, etc.). Direction: Inspect all sleeping rooms and ensure working smoke alarms are present. Test all smoke alarms and keep documentation of all tests on site for a minimum of two years.

Situation: There are no records of the required smoke alarm tests. Direction: Test all smoke alarms and keep documentation on site. Document appropriately.


Situation: There is a large amount of combustible materials in the main floor storage area such as propane cylinders, used “medical needles”, unclaimed clothing etc. Direction: Removed the materials and reduce the fire hazard.

Situation: There were combustible materials piled up in various areas of the building. Direction: Remove the combustible material.

Situation: There is garbage piled up in various areas of the building such as the stair case. Direction: Remove the garbage.


Situation: Various areas such as hallway and staircase were not illuminated. Direction: Repair the lights.

Below are the docuemnts.


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