(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We reported last night that there was a drug bust in progress at a West Frederica Street address. The Ontario Provincial Police Service, Thunder Bay Police Service, and Nishnawbe Aski Police Service teamed up for this one.

The bust happened just a day after Ryan Deluney was busted in the area, with his truck parked nearly behind Barrie’s residence but was also being investigated on Fort William First Nation as well.


28-year-old Sean Lawrence Barrie appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.

Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding along with Federal Crown Attorney Ron Poirier, Provincial Crown Attorney P. Paslowski, and defence lawyer David Bruzzese.

Barrie is charged with the following:

  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking x8
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm x2
  • Careless use of a firearm
  • Possessing a firearm while knowing it is unauthorized
  • Possessing a firearm with ammunition
  • Possession of proceeds of crime over $5000

Both Federal and Provincial Crown Attorney’s oppose Barrie’s release on all three grounds and would be seeking a special bail hearing that would be over 2 hours long in order to show cause as to why Barrie should be detained in custody.

Barrie was found with a loaded handgun and a large amount of fentanyl (about 200 grams) and cocaine.


Defence lawyer Bruzzese asks for the matter to return to court on Monday November 19th so that they can set a date for the special bail hearing.

Barrie is escorted back to his cell where he will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay District Jail.

Sources indicate that Barrie is well connected to multiple gangs.

Two others were busted in the same building during the same raid.

40-year-old Summer Boucher and 50-year-old Michael Fredric Woods were both charged with:


  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking x4
  • Possession of proceeds of crime under $5000
  • Prohibited weapon x2 (switchblade and brass knuckles)

Both accused were remanded into custody for a Monday court date. The Crown indicated that both situations were a reverse onus, and that the Crown intends to put them to their onus.

Drugs involved in this bust were fentanyl, cocaine, morphine and oxycodone.

Woods is related to a notorious convicted animal abuser in Thunder Bay with the same last name. RIP Nitro, gone but not forgotten.


Please send us photos of Boucher and Woods to contactus@trcctb.com


We will update this article later as amounts of drugs and types of drugs other than fentanyl is made available.

A wrong photo was posted initially and was quickly remedied. We apologize for this.



  1. These busts will definitely put a dent in the addiction problem that has plagued our city. Keep up the good work police!!!
    Loaded guns found. These dealers are dangerous and should not be let out.

  2. Start locking up these useless members of society and keep them locked up! It’s scum like these that are helping to degrade the weak and vulnerable.

  3. BRAVO !! Good work in the part of our police services!!! Now to get the courts to put these cretins behind bars for a long, long time.

  4. Sean Barry, I remember him from Churchill high-school as a bully. He tormented me for years before the anti-bullying legislation was mandated and orchestrated an attack by a mob of people on me. I was 15 and I didn’t believe in causing harm on people, so I never fought back and there was no help for me back then. I can only imagine the pain and suffering that he has allegedly inflicted on other people throughout the years of violence, drugs, and prostitution. Yes, this guy allegedly forced girls into the sex trade! It brings me great joy to see that this asshole finally got served his dose of Karma. Wishing him many more unpleasant returns.

  5. sean and his brother have been known dealers in the area for quite some time, both just as hot headed and dangerous as can be, you know there bad news when even the local bars in the area have banned them both for life!!
    good job to the police for getting these scum bags off the streets!!

  6. It’s like we are living a episode of Walking dead. All these crack zombies roaming the streets looking to rip people off. We run into buildings to avoid them. We no longer go downtown Fw or Pa as this is now Zombieland. If you notice they all look alike. No teeth, sunken faces and green in colour. They look like they all came from the same family. What a shame as I’m sure some of theses people were once upstanding citizens., but unfortunately they’ve been bitten by the crack zombies.

  7. Pretty sad how people can judge someone without even knowing what they have been through. Being so judgemental and you dont have the courage to even put your name down? Your anonymous posts just show your cowards and your also guilty of your actions.

    1. I guess we should have more sympathy for those who carry around loaded handguns. I’m sure he’s a great guy and he only had the best of intentions.

  8. Or maybe that person with a loaded handgun was just worried about the safety of himself and his family because of all of the people coming in from out of town trying to grab girls off the streets or just grabbing anybody tying them up and shooting them up with drugs to make them pass out and rape them. Or maybe, just maybe it might be the fact that all you hear about is people getting killed lately.. the fact that he allegedly sold drugs does not define him as a person. It doesn’t make him a bad person. You don’t know the facts so how about let’s not slander people’s names. Remember innocent until proven guilty. There’s been plenty of people that have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe he was house sitting? Maybe the owner of the house just went for a ride and trusted him to be left alone in the house? You really don’t know. No one does until it’s all been delt with in court. Everyone needs to stop being so quick to judge people.

    1. That’s the best said! People constantly degrading potentially innocent people! And hey who the fuck is to say what’s right! Guns n Drugs n Hoes are really really sought after by people who haven’t qualified to work for the rulers of our worlds, by that organized crime group…. The Provincial Government!!! So, current drug dealers are forced to feed there families and children by “hopefully” saving enough money this round to put food on the table long enough till we get paid by a job that we don’t even fucking wanna do!!! So judge yourselves

    2. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind. Everyone Carries around guns in America and look how that’s working for them. I don’t feel sorry for these people, they did it to themselves. They were given all of the tools to be productive members of society and they threw it away multiple times. If your line of work requires you to carry a gun for protection and you’re not a prospector or in public service, you have some serious issues. This guy is an insult to s**t and everyone knows it anyway. He threw out his reputation long ago.

  9. Noone is slandering any names, its not anyones fault but his that he was dumb enough to get caught selling drugs and haveing a loaded handgun.. he is well known in the area for bieng a thug wannabe. picking random fights in the bars in the area to show how tough he is (not very) and just an overall jackass that deserves everything thats happening to him..
    good luck in prison hope you stay there for awhile bud!!

  10. It’d be wonderful if you didn’t bring my grandparents into this. My Grandmother was the most loving and caring woman out there and both her and My Papa would do anything for anyone! Their children making poor choices as ADULTS falls on them not on my grandparents. They may not have had a ton of money but they were definitely loved. Both my Grandparents also worked hard to make sure the kids had what they needed. They were (and are) the most loving grandparents to us.

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