(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A violent and random act of destruction occurred this morning on Wentworth Crescent.

REAL Concerned Citizens woke up to the noises of windows smashing, banging and one even had to scare a male off from attempting to break into his home.


Thunder Bay Police Service arrived on the scene with numerous police vehicles. Eyewitness reports tell us that windows and mirrors have been smashed throughout the street.

The citizen that noticed someone trying to gain access to their home, tells us that as he was going to get something to defend his home with, the police arrived. He adds that the male was taken into custody. Another source tells us a second suspect is still at large.

Another resident tells us that they were hit with flying glass when their window was smashed out by this person.


“I was one of the ones hit at Wentworth this morning.. my dog started barking and when I looked out the window he had grabbed my spare tire and threw it at my window…. I yelled at him to get the f**k away from my truck and he screamed out that I was a f***ing Trump supporter… he then grabbed a rake from my neighbour’s home and started smashing windows in cars and houses.. I even heard one guy was attacked.. about 7 cops were on scene. Guy still out there is 6ft… thin build wearing a black ball cap red flannel shirt light blue jeans and Caucasian.” A REAL Concerned Citizen tells us.


The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, mid-20’s in age, skinny with short hair and was rambling away to no one.

Early estimates are that 8 or so homes were impacted by the rampage and an untold amount of vehicles. If you live in the area, please check your property and report to the police any damage you may find.

If you have any further information regarding this incident or pictures, please reach out to us via email at contactus@trcctb.com

*** UPDATE AT 2:16 pm Police media release

Thunder Bay Police Service officers have arrested a male on 17 charges following several complaints of property destruction on Wentworth Crescent on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018.

Several Wentworth Crescent residents called about a male smashing car windows and kicking at the doors of homes at about 6 a.m.

Responding uniformed patrol officers spoke to a number of witnesses and complainants. They located a suspect on Wentworth Crescent near County Boulevard who matched the description given by those witnesses just before 6:30 a.m.

As a result a 23-year-old male has been charged with 14 counts of Mischief Under $5,000, one count of Theft Under $5,000, Assault with a Weapon and Breach of Probation.

The assault charge came as a result of the suspect attacking a complainant with a stick. The victim did not require medical attention.


The suspect remains in custody and is expected to appear in court tomorrow.


TRCCTB.COM Will update this article tomorrow with the suspects name.



  1. Trump derangement syndrome is alive and kicking in Canada.

    its always the left wing loons that go off the rails.

  2. WOW I do not know what our city is coming to it uses to be so nice and safe but not anymore. It is now a little Chicago with all the drugs and now guns taking over the whole entire city there is no where safe anymore that you can go to. I always said that sooner or later that the guns would come out and now they have started using them. I am not sure if these people are high or just what the score is with them but they are leaving a line of destruction behind themselves not sure what they are trying to prove but obviously they are very dangerous to our society. The sensless killings that are taking place is horrendous. My point of view is that it is going to get worse before ever getting better. The police are doing everything in their power to apprehend these people but we just do not seem to have a big enough police force to take it all on. I am waiting for them to start killing people in the streets just for the fun of it. So far that has not happened and I pray that it never does. People are afraid to leave their homes in fear of getting attacked I myself do not like to go out at night because of this but we cannot lock ourselves away we still have to live. This is just my point of view for what it is worth. My prayers go to the people that had their homes and cars attacked last night and I am hoping that when all these culprits are caught they will have the book thrown at them and locked away for a long time. They have terrorized a whole community and should get hard punishment for it. ONE PERSONS OPINION!!!!!!!

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