Waverly Library Chaos Lands Two Behind Bars



A 28 year old VERONICA GEORGINA LYNN SKUNK and 25 year old JUSTIN ESQUEGA appeared via video from Thunder Bay Police Station on Sunday March 10,2019.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Tiffany Boisvert is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

First up is SKUNK. She just got released on recognizance with a surety on March 5,2019 for an alleged aggravated assault at the marina overpass.

SKUNK is wearing a white and black shirt that says ‘VIBES’.


Court hears allegations that SKUNK & ESQUEGA were intoxicated at the Waverly Library located at 285 Red River Road on Saturday afternoon. It’s further alleged they were embroiled in a heated argument when security approached asking them to leave.

ESQUEGA allegedly punched the security guard while SKUNK destroyed the library phone. TBPS Officers arrived and recognized SKUNK knowing she was on conditions.


ESQUEGA allegedly obstructed police by trying to stop the lawful arrest of SKUNK. ESQUEGA was on a probation order from July 26,2018 and faces and additional breach charge.

ESQUEGA has an assault, obstruction and breach charge. He’s released on an undertaking with conditions to stay away from the library and report his address within 24 hours. His next court appearance is April 2,2019.

SKUNK is at the top of the bail ladder. She’s remanded into custody. She appeared again on Monday by video and is remanded into custody.

As per usual practice, no notification to the public from the Director of Communications at TBPS about this incident.


Thunder Bay Police were travelling down Water Street the afternoon of February 16,2019 when they witnessed a male allegedly being assaulted on the pedestrian bridge.

Officers witnessed both VERONICA SKUNK and JESSIE CHAPAIS allegedly kicking and stomping the male victim in the head while on the ground. Officers went to intervene and make arrests. SKUNK threatened to spit in one officer’s face and CHAPAIS was obstructing police.

The young indigenous male victim was taken to hospital with broken jaw and multiple head injuries. He remains in hospital recovering from this vicious attack.


Inside Edition sources indicate that the victim would most likely have died had the TBPS officers not happened to come by.


VERONICA SKUNK is facing 4 criminal charges.

  • assault causing bodily harm
  • resisting arrest
  • failure to comply X 2

She has a lengthy criminal history and most recently charged in December 2018 with a 6 year welfare fraud in Thunder Bay as well as an assault that was being diverted through the Indigenous People’s Court.


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  1. Remove the computers and the scum will leave. Library’s become a hangout for fucking losers to check there Facebook on. The other day I saw people get caught stealing books. Fuck some days I just want to roundhouse kick all the sick people and drop them off at rehab.

  2. What is going on with these people’s hands? The woman needs the wart burned off her knuckle and the guy had the strangest finger I’ve ever seen. Also these 2 people are disgusting for their actions and should be ashamed of themselves. What am I talking about, these people have no shame or humility.

    1. Maybe that’s why they can’t find work. How can one hold a hammer or shovel with their hands permanently like that?

      Losers have a hate on for the world. They’ll accomplish nothing in their worthless lives.

    2. This womans hand looks more banged up and scabbed up from punching too many things or people. Just sad that people can’t manage their own damn selves and not interfere and hurt other peoples lives

  3. Fricken sad state of affairs when a library needs a security guard to stop street trash like these 2 low lives from destroying the place.
    NAN would be proud of you two.
    Keep up the good work… err sorry “work” wasn’t mean to be taken literally.

    1. NAN doesn’t give a shit once these idiots are kicked off the reserve , that’s why we haven’t heard from Fiddler lately . But I’m sure these people are still on the books as still living on the reserve so the Chiefs have some extra spending money for Jets and Maple Leaf games .

  4. I remember a long ways back enjoying the library facilities in what was once a vibrant happy community. What a sad disgrace this city has become, and unfortunately the problem is not unique to Thunder Bay but rather becoming a national problem.

    1. Problem is that the city is being over-run by these Native POS faster than they can be jailed , that’s why there are so many breaches and no shows in court . When drugs are cheaper in ThunderBay than on a reserve and booze is freely available it’s no wonder this city is turning into a wild reserve , it’s high time the Politicians in city council , the province and the feds got their heads out of the muskeg and started fighting back and quit be politically correct to appease the national news media and the Chiefs who won’t do anything or all will be lost .

  5. Why destroy the phone?? You know how hard it is to find a pay phone these days?? LOL
    (To the trolls who gonna say shit about get a cell phone 🖕🖕)

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