(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service is conducting an investigation into an assault of a male that occurred around 9:45 p.m. on July 11, 2018 in the area of the Water Street bus terminal.

The 52 year old male victim was transported to hospital for medical attention.

Investigators with the Criminal Investigation Branch are speaking to witness and following up this investigation.

In response to this incident of violence yesterday evening at the Water Street bus terminal, Mayor Keith Hobbs made the following statement on behalf of City Council and Administration:

“We are deeply saddened by an incident of violence that occurred Wednesday evening in the Water Street area.  We have reported the incident and follow up social media posts to Thunder Bay Police Service and commend those people who intervened and helped.

As a City, we condemn hate-motivated crimes and discriminatory attitudes. We encourage everyone to report hate crimes and stand up to racism. Violence, hate crimes, discriminatory attitudes and actions are unacceptable in our community. We are better than this.”

John Chapman made this statement on Facebook regarding what he saw unfold

”…earlier this evening when i got off the bus seen this native guy sitting outside water street terminal minding his own business.

this white walked up to him the native guy got up and walked away next thing you know he punch the guy and knock him out his face was covered with blood that white came running and telling ppl he was calling me names but that never happened cuz we were standing close to that native and never heard anything from him

couple white woman were trying to get that white guy but he took off and went to hide somwhere ( mcdonalds)

the thing that pissed me off was while I was at mcdonalds he was changing his plaided shirt and putting his green t shirt took his hat off so the cops were standing there they were told thats the guy who hit that native he said theres nothing i can do about it and he was the first cop to show up when that guy was lying on pavement

he also said he,s not not taking any statements had to stand there and looked at the cop cuz of what he said that really pissed me off if it was the other way around the whole force would be in p.a.thats the white guy walking out of mcdonalds”

Source: Thunder Bay Police and City of Thunder Bay

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