WARNING: Bad Drugs Going Around The Academy Area


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have been contacted by a local drug dealer who was recently bamboozled by another local drug dealer. The events unfolded peacefully and nobody has been hurt, yet.

To keep things simple, and for that purpose lets name Academy drug dealer Denim and the dealer who got ripped off we shall call him Spock.


So Spock went over to Denim’s home in the 100 block of Academy drive to pick up an ounce of mdma and a few oxy-contin 80mg tablets. Upon a brief inspection, the drugs seemed to be drugs and looked about right. Cash was handed over and the two parted ways.

Later on, when spock returned home and was looking forward to indulging in some mdma and oxycontin, as well as selling some of it for others to enjoy, he had realized that the alleged MDMA was actually Crystal Methamphetamine. To add insult to injury, the weight of the drugs was under the 28.3 grams that an ounce is.

Spock then later realized, after consuming an alleged Oxy-Contin 80mg (green pills) that those too were not what he was told they were. They were counterfeits pressed with fentanyl.


So Spock put on his fresh  pair of Levi’s and contacted me to inform the public that Denim, in the 100 block of Academy is selling drugs that either he doesn’t realize are not what he is saying they are, or he is purposely fooling people. Denim refused to refund or make the situation right.

Be careful with the drugs your using people. They can easily and often are counterfeits and are of something else.


5 Replies to “WARNING: Bad Drugs Going Around The Academy Area”

  1. Seems Denim is quite particular about the poison he takes.

    Talk about an oxy-moron! Pun intended.

    Don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for either of these snakes.

  2. My niece did Cocaine and ended up taking a drug test and the results were, that she had every drug they test for except one, that was in her system. She was scared shi*less and is on her way to treatment. 👏🏽👏🏽

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