WARNING: A Large Batch of Crystal Meth and Meth Pills Have Reached Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In the prairie provinces and other parts of the world, the opiate epidemic is losing steam amongst addicts in favour of methamphetamines. A major reason for this is the low-cost and lengthier high that methamphetamine products provide the user.

A local cocaine drug dealer reached out to TRCCTB.COM on the agreement that they would not be named and informed us of what is happening on the “black market” of Thunder Bay. Our source has told us that sometime in the past week, a large shipment of not only “shard” crystal meth, but also “meth pills” have hit Thunder Bay in amounts never before seen. (The photo of the white tablet is an actual methamphetamine pill in Thunder Bay. The photo of the “shard meth” was pulled from Google.)


To make it clear, we have been shown photos of hundreds of meth pills and large bags of crystal meth that are said to be in Thunder Bay for distribution. Numerous people who were with our source, the cocaine dealer, confirmed everything he was saying as accurate.

Communities east and west of Thunder Bay, such as Dryden and Greenstone, have already been battling a surge in the amount of methamphetamine that has been pouring into those communities. Thunder Bay often acts as a hub for drugs to the northwest region of Ontario. Now that methamphetamine is here in large quantities, we can expect it to spread around the region to places not seen before.


The cocaine dealer tells us that methamphetamines have been available in Thunder Bay in very limited quantities for decades, but what makes this shipment that just arrived alarming is the sheer amount of the drug that is now being sold around town. People are already spending their disposable income on meth rather than other drugs such as opiates and cocaine, according to the dealer. He’s sure many users will be skipping meals to spend more money on meth, he’s seen the meth epidemic first hand, as he was once a citizen in a larger city that is still battling meth trafficking.


“It’s going to f**k up a lot of people’s lives.” the dealer says. They further tell us that unlike cocaine, meth can and does have people extremely addicted, without an easy exit after just one use. They do admit that cocaine does ruin lives and tear apart families, but also admits that many people only use cocaine a little bit once in a while, including politicians, doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, and your friendly neighbour Karen that bakes those cookies you like.

“Meth is a popular stimulant, especially among young adults.  However, it is extremely addictive, often reeling users in after their first use.  With drug addiction comes desperation, and even formerly innocuous kids will find themselves doing things they would never have imagined just to get more.  At the top of the list is property crimes..” – Gary Herron, Observer

Meth addicts will often commit crimes to obtain their next high, such as theft, robbery, fraud and more. A meth addict is far more likely than an opiate or cocaine addict to commit crime to obtain that next high.

Methamphetamine isn’t like that, he tells us. 90% or higher of first-time users become so addicted that they cannot stop, their life instantly becomes about getting that next high and they will lie, cheat, steal and rob to get it.

Avoid this drug at all costs.


  • The average meth addict will live only 5-7 years after addiction.
  • Meth, it seems, is one of the few drugs with the potential for addiction after the first use.
  • Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant drug that is similar in structure to amphetamine. Due to its high potential for abuse, methamphetamine is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and available only through a prescription that cannot be refilled. Although methamphetamine can be prescribed by a doctor, its medical uses are limited, and the doses that are prescribed are much lower than those typically abused.
  • Most of the methamphetamine abused in this country comes from foreign or domestic “superlabs,” although it can also be made in small, illegal laboratories, where its production endangers the people in the labs, neighbours and the environment.
  • Meth is a white, odourless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol and is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection or by smoking.
  • Short-term effects include increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure and hyperthermia. Long-term meth abuse has many negative health consequences, including extreme weight loss, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances and violent behaviour. Chronic meth abusers often display psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects crawling under the skin).


There was a campaign launched that showed people before they tried meth, and then sometime after. The images illustrate how destructive the drug is to the human body. It not only damages the mind, but also the organs, including the skin.

TRCCTB.COM Would like to urge the general public to please not do or try methamphetamine, in any form. A common nickname for meth is “speed”. It is the same garbage. Do not try these drugs, even once. You will throw your life away.

Do you know someone selling methamphetamines? Contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200 so they can work on getting boots on the ground in an effort to dismantle the trafficking. Live outside of Thunder Bay? Not a problem, contact the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can reach out to Crime Stoppers via their website at https://www.p3tips.com/273 Crime Stoppers might even pay you up to $2000 if your tip leads to a conviction in court.

*** TRCCTB.COM is not endorsing or suggesting anyone use cocaine or any other drugs.


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  1. Who’s the drug dealer? You name and shame petty thefts but agree to withhold the name of a drug dealer who’s affecting a lot more people than just a convenience store employee and corporate.


    This killed this sites credibility in my eyes.

  2. Can I simply say what a relief to find someone that truly
    knows what they’re discussing over the internet.

    You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    A lot more people need to look at this and understand
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  3. Pino,some people dont get it……….Your site is ultra fantastic and gets the truth told.Your the only source of truth and reality.

  4. This message is in response to WTF’s message.

    First I think you should be thanking and praising Pino and staff for the hard work they are out there doing to bring us more indepth information than both our local news and local newspaper combined. Second you should not be condemning him for protecting his sources whether they have been charged or not. That is what sources do and need to do if they want to get or keep their sources which again allows him to pass on this very important information to this community. He only has to turn in and defy one source and he will likely not get another anytime soon. Sorry to say but you do sound like a moron because if you had any street experience you would not be talking about something you obviously know nothing about. Trust the source that is providing this community this valuable information instead of condemning him. Or the alternative is if you can do better then step up to the plate.

    1. Great information Pino, your doing the right thing to keep your source to yourself. I think it builds trust and in turn it helps inform the community….

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