(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 57-year-old Reginald Culley appeared in a Judge’s court today to get sentenced for his outstanding charge of theft under $5000.

Her Honour, Justice Burton was presiding along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and Culley’s defence lawyer, Karen Scullion.


There are two Canada Border Services Agency officers sitting in the body of the court, they have an interest in the matter.

Reginald Culley was featured on the Wanted Wednesday program for multiple weeks.

Culley pleads guilty to his charge of theft under $5000, shortly after the Crown reads in the facts surrounding the charge.



On November 11th, 2017 the executive manager of Wacky’s received a text message from the manager on duty informing them that the kitchen tips had been stolen.

A look over the security camera footage shows Reginald Culley taking the tips container, which contained $1459.84. Culley was an employee of Wacky’s as a cook.

The Crown states that there will be a joint submission regarding Culley’s sentencing. He tells the court that Culley has been in jail for 11 actual days, which is enhanced to 17 days.

Culley is the subject of not only an immigration hold but a deportation order, the Crown tells the court. Upon resolution of these matters, Culley will be deported from Canada.

The Crown doesn’t see a need for a longer sentence than time served as Culley will be deported upon his release.

Culley’s defence lawyer states that Culley was born in Guyana, but was raised in the northern hemisphere. He moved to London, England in 1964 to 1968. Culley and his family then moved to Winnipeg, in Canada with his 7 siblings and his now deceased parents.


A few years later the Culley’s all moved to Thunder Bay and has resided here ever since.

Culley is not married or in any type of spousal relationship, although he does have two children aged 26 and 29.

Sources tell us that he was employed as a baker at The REAL Canadian Superstore about 10 years ago. (no affiliation with The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay). He also worked previously at Bennett’s Bakery, Safeway and Sweet Escape.


Culley admits that he has an addiction to crack and cocaine. He claims that he has not used either of those substances or any other substances in the past 6 weeks.


The criminal behaviour, such as stealing the tip money, was an unfortunate consequence of his addiction.

The Crown and defence agree that there is no practical reason to have him pay restitution, as he will be deported very soon.

The sentence proposed by both defence and the Crown is time served, along with a 12 month period to pay the victim fine surcharge.


Her Honour, Justice Burton tells Culley that although his criminal record is quite lengthy, he has not had a conviction in 9 years. She further tells him that this theft is quite ‘egregious”, as he knows that the servers he worked with were paid very low wages, and relied on that money to get by.

Her Honour tells Culley that normally he would get a much longer sentence, but considering his immigration issues, she will grant the joint submission of time served.

Culley is sentenced, and escorted back into the basement of the courthouse, as he is now being held under an immigration hold and will most likely be deported within the next few days as he also has a deportation order placed on him.

The Canada Border Services Agency officers appear to take some notes and then exit the body of the court through the public doors.



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