(THUNDER BAY, ONT) – A crowd of violence has allegedly erupted outside of Newfie’s pub, yet again. The scene on the south-side of town has become a familiar one, with loiterers and ruckus.

A REAL Concerned Citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect their identity since they work in the area, has contacted us to let us know about the issue.

“I was getting hemp coffee at the hub and I went outside and I legit heard the first punch connect, it was wild, the guy who got kicked in the head was like throwing people around and shit and we tried to leave but the street was covered in people,” Says our eyewitness.

“They didn’t even seem to notice there was a car, once he got kicked in the face people stopped lol , I work at vicvill so it didn’t really phase me but my roommate was freaking out, she was driving, it’s scary, to be honest, and fights like that happen every day, can’t even get a coffee without seeing someone get stomped in the face”

It seems that the ongoing violence in the south downtown core may be getting out of hand. There are two videos below showing the situation that unfolded today.

Please leave suggestions in the comments on what can be done to turn our south downtown core around. The infrastructure and business owners are beautiful and have lots of potential, but the ongoing violence may shy some people away.




  1. Can’t shut down that Newfie’s sh** hole. Because they make too much $$$!
    The owner probably doesn’t care as long as they “take it outside”.
    These bums can’t even spell “job”. Let alone look for one.

  2. I have an idea for change but it’s drastic and probably would have people up in arms over human rights, but when people are so addicted and unable or unwilling to change, maybe drastic measures are needed!

  3. The City can damn well shut down Newfie.s Bar and I heard the owner makes money off a lot of them when he cashes their Odsp and Welfare checks, cannot even walk around downtown. This bar is shit and I heard they are building a new one on Simpson St sucks after the hard work that went in to clear that area out.

  4. First of all get a petition going around and shut down that s**t hole of a bar. Next why are these losers getting welfare and odsp. ..all they do is buy booze and drugs and then fight. All at taxpayers expense. How about sending them back to where they came from. This city is getting a bad reputation. …and I think we all know why. Stop calling the residents of thunder bay racist, there is a reason why people are upset. This is just ridiculous that nothing is being done.

  5. Lobby your mayor to start spending some of the city’s budget on rehabilitating fort William. P.A. is where it all goes and always has. They spend it all there and simultaneously complain about what a dump F.W. is. That’s always been the case.

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