(VIDEO) – Thunder Bay, Overdose Capital of Ontario


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay has caught some national media attention surrounding the overdose situation.
CTV news reports that Thunder Bay has the most overdoses per capita.
We are the overdose capital of Ontario.
Certain local politicians have been attempting to sweep our issues under the rug and even go as far as attempting to blame anyone who publicly discusses the issues as “ruining Thunder Bay”.
This is a disservice to our hard working first responders. They and their patients need politicians who will do something, not ignore the issues.
Below is the report from CTV news.


5 Replies to “(VIDEO) – Thunder Bay, Overdose Capital of Ontario”

  1. Politicians are full of empty promises, until they take office. Then it is full steam ahead to fulfill their personal agendas, and those of their wealthy friends. That’s why we’ve been told that an indoor turf facility is a priority, and the heck with the real issues.

    1. Yeah, what a joke. First thing Mauro says after being elected: “Durr, we need a “soft infrastructure project”, like an indoor tennis court.” In other words, Mauro wants an indoor tennis court. Well, fuck. Why not just declare your backyard a park, and erect the fucking thing there, asshole. Nice priorities.

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