(VIDEO) The VictoriaVille Vagina Vagrant Incident


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s no secret that being a security officer in Thunder Bay has now become a difficult minefield to navigate. These men and women have to deal with being physically attacked, spit on, slapped, yelled at and worse. Should they choose to defend themselves, they run the risk of losing their jobs, license, and being labelled all sorts of terms.

Today was no different in the south downtown core. It appears that a woman was not allowed into VictoriaVille Mall and became aggressive to the point of whipping out what seems to be her butt cheeks and likely her vagina.

The security staff remained composed and did not retaliate, despite being yelled at and at several times assaulted. One staff retreated into the building, likely to request police backup.

One of the security staff remained at the entrance to the mall, blocking access to the woman who appeared to be quite upset that she was not allowed entry.



The area is known for random violence, drug deals in broad daylight, intoxicated lurkers and a general “uneasy” vibe when citizens have a reason to head to the south downtown core.

Multiple businesses have closed down over the past while, including two banks which have been there for decades.


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  1. Ewww thats just nasty gross this city is going down hill.

    Those security guards did a good job on handling the situation with how much they are aloud to do without losing their jobs. There should be better laws allowing security guards having more power and control. The states their security guards wouldnt be the same as here. It just shows how much that girl has power and more copycats will copy adding more stress to a job when those guys are working hard to make money for their families to be put though that much hell. What a shame we need to beef up and allow these working security guards more power like a police officer.

  2. Oh man, I know that woman.
    Her behavior is bad in this video but if you knew her, this would make sense. She has not had any easy life.
    hope she gets it together.

  3. So I know guys might not understand but a vagina is INSIDE a woman. What you’re looking at here is a vulva. 🙄

  4. To tell you the truth, the only ‘butts’ that caught my attention were the ones at the end of the video. Newfies should help clean up the neighbourhood by closing its doors permanently and not just move 2 blocks down. Drunks, drugs, shootings, murders etc….time for vicville to be torn open and allow flow of traffic east to west on Victoria Ave.

    1. I agree south core has gone to s**t with that raggedy a** bar there and now the garbage will be moving 2 blocks down the road. So who cares if she had a rough life so have a lot of people and they do t do shaking their bare a** or twat at strangers in public.

  5. Don’t know if tearing down Vic Ville or moving newfies will do any good or just spread out the crimes .? May st beer store moved and now thunder centre area is the hub of trouble. Feel sorry for the businesses in that area that built not knowing what was coming. Might be better to know where the problem lies?

  6. Don’t know her, never seen her before but I feel sorry for her. One can only imagine the emotional and physical scars she bears. Far too many mistreated women are adrift in a sea of abuse, insecurity, doubt and fear. Seems that drugs and alcohol are their only reprieve from the torment.

    It’s unfortunate that we are exposed to this type of desperation far too often in Thunder Bay. Seems that the purge that the reserves are going through end up sending their social outcasts into the cities for the world to see. I doubt the City has enough programs to deal with the deeply rooted psychological issues that seem to manifest so may young FN people.

    High time for NAN, the province and feds to take this problem by the horns and put a bit of effort into stemming this tide of human misery.

  7. It is so sad to see this what was once a nice clean area is now a ghetto allowing all these people to do whatever it is they want to do. I used to love shopping in the Bargain store there but am now leary of going in there because all of the riff raff that hangs out there. Do not know what will happen when Newfies is finally gone from there but at least I will feel safe to go into the store I hope. These people have done a lot of damage to our downtown area and I wonder if we will ever recuperate from all the damage done. Waiting to see what is going to happen when the new Newfies bar opens up at least there are no real businesses there but then again the old Murphy Block houses a lot of people I feel sorry for the people that live there. The name is made and the game will just keep going on in just a new area.

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