(VIDEO) The South Algoma Flailer Returns


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In a triumphant return to the notorious doors of a South Algoma apartment building, one of the area flailers has returned after a brief hiatus.
This woman has been flailing through the neighbourhood for at least a year, causing children and adults alike, much stress. From the video tho it appears that area residents are almost accustomed to having to walk around the woman.
In a series of videos TRCCTB.COM has obtained from a group calling themselves the “Superior Watchdogs”, it is clear to see the woman is terribly high on drugs and has lost control.
The woman appeared in a string of videos earlier this year which seemed to have slowed down her flailing, or at least stopped her public flails. Residents in the area are hopeful the woman will restrict her flailing to behind closed doors where they don’t have to see it. Numerous friends and family of this woman have reached out to her in an attempt to help, she refused any help offered and continues on her drug rampage.
Residents in the area say she often yells “F%#@ING F%#@!! GET THE F%#@ AWAY FROM ME!!” To what appears to be no one, as she is often flailing alone. In the video shared below, you can also see her take her pants off in the hallway of the apartment building, put her hands down her butt and then pull on a door knob without properly washing her hands.
There is much more in the video, but I’ll let you watch it. This is a direct result of substantial drug use, according to people close to the woman. The woman refused help from paramedics and told them to F-off.

Thinking about sobering up? Don’t want to be flailing out of control? Reach out to the non-judgemental, caring and helpful people of the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880.


4 Replies to “(VIDEO) The South Algoma Flailer Returns”

  1. Sad, really.
    There’s no fix either. Our government caters to this with the methodone clinics, provides free wine with a place to stay in the evenings if you’re picked up drunk and our hospital is basically a kindergarten rumpass room for the drunks and druggies with well paid baby sitters.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know there are the select few that were prescribed medication and became addicted, but I’d bet I would be exaggerating if I gave that number 10%. This free will ride will have to end one day because the tax payer will no longer be able to sustain the costs for these people. The problem is, the precedent has been set. How do you stop it?

  2. i am no one to judge cause it is a sickness but at the same time have some pride for urself and some respect for people and children… get help if u cant handle what ur doing….

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