VIDEO: Spider Man-Like Criminal Lurks in Midtown Inn Window


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This isn’t the first time we have seen whacky and wild shit happening on those ledges outside the north-facing rooms of the notorious Midtown Inn.

Last summer we reported on a woman danging from a fifth-floor ledge, clearly not thinking right. Staff was alerted but by the time they checked for her, she was gone.

Last night, shortly before a man was found dead in room 214 of the Midtown Inn due to an overdose, we obtained video of a person with spiderman-like abilities lurking into what appears to be a second-floor room. A shoe appears to have been left behind on the ledge, indicating that the person did not plan on staying in the room too long, or perhaps they were just too damn high to care.

The Midtown Inn has earned a reputation surrounding drug trafficking, overdoses, deaths and violence such as stabbings and firearms-related gang-activity over the past few years. Tammy Klodnicki swears her son is not a drug trafficker and not an addict. She says she is Aylott’s mother and points out the obvious that overdoses happen at every motel. We tend to agree with her, but I’m not sure of when was the last time I heard about a stabbing or a firearm-related incident at the Prince Arthur or the Valhalla? Hell, I can’t recall the last time there was even an overdose at the Sea-Vue Motel.

Manager Kenneth Aylott has publicly stated that he was going to turn the building around when he took over and make it a place for families to bring their children.

Would you bring your family for the weekend to the Midtown Inn? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Below is the Spiderman video and below that is the fifth-floor lurker.

Fifth-floor lurker below.


6 Replies to “VIDEO: Spider Man-Like Criminal Lurks in Midtown Inn Window”

  1. Next time go to the third floor and jump down head first. Then you’ll be like Spiderman, practise makes perfect let’s make it 3 of these Dole sucking rats in one day. Let the breed kill themselves, they do nothing but steal from business and people town when they could be working for them, getting off the Dole, and everything/ everyone is happy/ running smoothly. It’s a slap in the face to our city every robbery we get, never again are these low life welfare scamming scared to work jobless Dole sucking cock suckers gonna get a drop of sympathy from me

  2. I wonder what visitors who are not from here think once they have checked into that place. I image they must wonder WTF
    have they gotten themselves into. We have been burned only once many many years ago by staying at a chain hotel in Alberta. After that horrible experience we got wise and now check trip advisor to see what others have to say about any place we have never been too BEFORE we reserve. Can hardly wait to see what the cruise ships have to say about this town.

    1. Seems some poor son of a bitch did stay there and wrote the following review:

      “Worse place ever
      Will never stay again worst place ever got bit by beg bugs and approached front desk told me I was lying And got else where
      Terrible stay do not recommend to my worst enemy there was no need for the ignorance of the staff.”

      Now he as to worry more about southern Ontario snakes and the chances of getting stabbed or shot. Bed bugs look good compared to the shit going on there now.

  3. It is everywhere in tbay can,t go to the bank or gas station without being asked for more than spare change it is up to 30.00 last time I told the woman sure If you really need groceries at metro that she said she wanted I said come on I will pay for 50.00 at the till she walked away . so if you do give your hard earned money to people try that one. just a suggestion it is only enabling them.

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