(VIDEO) – Raging at Robin’s On Simpson


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A south side Robin’s Donuts parking lot was the scene of a kerfuffle on Sunday.
The video posted below shows the arguing between multiple people as one shirtless man screams and rambles.
One person appears to be wearing some type of vest, the person who made the recording says it’s no vest of importance, just a “Black Label Society” brand.
“…he had another guy with a cut no patches looking like he was his hang around and they are using robins as a club house” Jared Stirup said.
“Who stole whose crack pipe…. lol🤣” Darcy Warren wondered.
“Tisk tisk look at those white people acting just like we do when we get all fukd up 🤣” commented Dani Gee, who became Facebook famous for accusing city workers of telling her they want their dicks sucked (link at the end of this article).
You can smell the arrest warrants lingering in the video posted below.
The male in the vest was trying to calm things down. Later on after this video was taken, a source close to the people in the video tells us that the man in the vest was struck with the bat.

Video and photo credit: Facebook / Jared Billboard Stirrup


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