(VIDEO) – Man Confronts Jake Kesey


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Below is a submission made by Jake Kesey about a man who confronted him. I get similar reactions when people attempt to confront me in person. They turn into cowards real quick.
A guy named Robert Reid decided to message me with threats saying he “wouldn’t want to see me get hurt”
I am scared of no man.
He showed up, stepped out of his vehicle and once he saw me he turned into a fluffy bunny. He literally ran away when I stepped forward, running to the other side of the parking lot like a coward. I tried to make him give me a smoke haha.

If you are going to threaten me then yeah, I am going to forward your shit to the TBPS but not before I ask you to cash that cheque your mouth is writing.
Yes Robert, not everyone behind a keyboard is that little guy you picture in your head when you make threats.
You best watch that sorta behavior in the future when messaging random guys with threats. Here be monsters.


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  1. If your going to make a video at least have make it visible, I couldn’t tell who was who and this is some grade A high school bullshit. What I can tell you as you both seem quite old but if I didn’t already know that I would of figured you were both kids.

  2. I hate when people act all hard who dont ever back their shit up in real life unless they’re looking at an old man… ” ya better kill me cuz I fight to the bone”? This scumbag had a mega boner over me for a while so, when I called him a key board warrior and asked him to meet up he just whined about how it wouldn’t be fair cuz he thinks I’m on steroids or whatever other excuse.. then he blocked me so I couldn’t msg him…. sick of fake tough guys.

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