VIDEO – James Street Swing Bridge is OPEN RIGHT NOW


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Despite our previous report and other local media reporting that the James Street Swing Bridge is opening tomorrow at 10:00 am, it is actually open right now.

Perhaps there is some sort of “grand opening” tomorrow, even tho the bridge is open right now to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in both directions.


I was uncertain of this being factual so I took a boot down to the bridge and recorded the below video of me crossing the bridge.

CN Rail’s bridge is now open for traffic.

After years and years of courtroom battles over who is to pay for the damage that was caused during a 2013 fire, courts ordered CN Rail to pay for the repairs and get the bridge open.


Rejoice! The bridge is finally open!


5 Replies to “VIDEO – James Street Swing Bridge is OPEN RIGHT NOW”

  1. FWFN could have had this bridge open five years ago had someone in leadership there taken control of the situation.

    A blockade of CN rail traffic over the bridge would have had CNR in a positive negotiating mood in short order. Lost revenue in the hundreds of thousands daily would have gotten CN’s attention in a hurry.

    This would have made big “news” and the national exposure of CN’s greed would have been a black eye to the company. . Too bad FWFN didn’t have a chief with the courage and brains to seize on this lost opportunity. That person would be a hero today!

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