(VIDEO) – Hi Ho, Ho Ho, It’s Off To Flail She Goes


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Well, Thunder Bay, as the drug addiction epidemic in town seems to be increasing out of control, we have observed a new flailer going wild outside a notorious north side building.
“Flailing” typically occurs when someone has been high out of their mind for days, or gets severely high on a strong opiate such as fentanyl or “purple down”. “Purple down” is a dangerous cocktail of drugs that has swept the nation. It often contains fentanyl, carfentanil, heroin, meth and random various other drugs including benzos and more.
Flailers are not strictly a Thunder Bay phenomena. This behaviour is common place in cities, usually happens in areas overrun with trap houses. A “Trap House” is a residence where the dispensing of illicit street drugs occurs, basically a home where drugs are being sold out of.
A source, who spoke to us on anonymity for the purpose of remaining safe, told TRCCTB.COM that when someone starts flailing inside one of these “trap houses”, that the drug dealers that are running their business out of the residence will kick the flailer out of the residence, leaving them flailing around the streets near the trap.
Thunder Bay has basically been overrun with out of town drug dealers, most of which are pushing dangerous and often fatal opiates such as fentanyl and “purple down”, also known as “purp”. Thunder Bay Police along with other police agencies are working hard to bust these drug operations, frustratingly, as soon as they bust one house, it is often re-staffed by newcomers from down south within a week.
If you abuse drugs and want to sober up, reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880. The staff there are non-judgemental and work hard to help people who are seeking better for their lives. There is hope to overcome your addiction.
Below is the video of a flailer that was rockin’ out just outside of 93 South Algoma Street. The woman kept shouting “HI HO” and various other phrases repeatedly. Numerous vehicles drive by without stopping or pulling over, it appears Thunder Bay residents are becoming complacent to this occurrence. This is the effects of using drugs, think twice before you try them, you may just throw your entire life away.

Superior North EMS along with the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to the area and sought out the woman as she wandered towards Wilson Street Park shortly after this video. It is unconfirmed if they located the woman, but if they did she is most likely headed to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where she will be treated and released, likely by sunrise.
Thank you to the Superior Watchdogs for obtaining this video.


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  1. What a mess.
    I bet the money she used to buy the drugs was compliments of us tax paying citizens.
    Something has to be done about welfare recipients and drug screening. One cannot help but wonder how much of the illicit drug industry in this city is supported by DSSAB?

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