(VIDEOS) – Fight Involving Gun On Mackenzie Results in Arrest At Tims


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Shortly after 5:00 pm today a number of police cruisers swarmed the Tim Hortons on May Street, no this isn’t a bad joke or a shot at the police.

The incident started during an altercation believed to have unfolded at the intersection of Finlayson and McKenzie which saw two suspected southern Ontario gang members argue it out. Ultimately, one of the males pulled a gun on the other before he fled the scene.


The suspect that fled is believed to have tossed the gun out of the window of the car he was in before heading to Tim Hortons on May Street, possibly for a soy latte. Below we have a picture of the gun that was tossed out the window and was initially located by kids who were playing in the street.



This firearm has been prohibited in Canada since the 90’s, according to our firearms expert. This gun is already illegal to own in Canada. Why aren’t these criminals following the guns laws?


Police were hot on his tail and called for backup before making an approach in the drive-thru of the Tim Hortons.


Witnesses in the area tell us they couldn’t believe the number of police vehicles that were at the location, they think there may have been at least 10 that assisted police make the arrest in the drive-thru.

A number of males, suspected to be gang members from southern Ontario were arrested at gunpoint during the incident. The vehicle was pinched by police as it was going through the drive-thru of the infamous donut shop.


We have been told that the TBPS K9 unit was involved as well as the heavily armed tactical unit.

Heavily armed officers were seen on foot in the area and May Street was partially blocked off for a brief moment as the arrest took place.

Police quickly disarmed and took at least one male in custody although numerous other potential suspects were also in the vehicle in question,

Below is a video of one suspect being searched after handcuffs were already placed on him.

Below is a video of police swarming a car in the Tim Hortons drive-thru, with guns drawn as described by witnesses.

There is also another massive police presence on Rowand. This is where the gun was located after being tossed from the flee’ing car. Anyone with photos of that incident or videos are asked to send them into us on Facebook, text them to 807-355-8917 or email them to tips@trcctb.com

We are speculating that yet another fentanyl or cracked cocaine bust has happened in the city. We are working hard to discover more details as fast as possible.

UPDATE: Our speculation was correct, here is the update article, linked below:


9 Replies to “(VIDEOS) – Fight Involving Gun On Mackenzie Results in Arrest At Tims”

  1. I never dreamt that it was a gun bust I saw it go down as we were going to go into Tims for a coffee but it was all blocked off and the drive thru was also blocked at both ends we thought that it might have been a drug bust not for guns though glad that no shooting actually took place and all ended well with the suspects in custody and the car towed away. What is this city coming to now they are even invading our drive thru’s this is not a laughing matter get these guys out of town but alas it is harder to do then said take a few down more just come to take their place that is all. I am afraid we are starting to get to many gang related incidents here. Way to go TBPS job well done and no one got hurt.

  2. I wonder what happened right across the street on May at the old beer store a short while after the Timmy’s incident there were police, fire & ambulance there not sure what went down though no mention of it yet saw the police questioning a girl but that was it maybe someone did an over dose who knows in this area. Be safe people and stay off the streets at night they are no longer safe!!!!!

  3. Seems like a lot of southern Ontario gang bangers in town…take the trash downtown! Next stop ….
    “Con” college!!

  4. I’m not trying to be negative here BUT this town is going to hell in a hand basket! Between BOTH of the out of towners they are completely destroying this place. I’m not being racist either so get that out of your heads. The facts don’t lie! Have a look at the dockets at the court house because those are the FACTS and it’s sickening! The police….for them it’s got to be a game of wack-a-mole, if its not shit like this it’s drug related, either dealers or overdoses. The police pretty much gave up on the drunks because there is nowhere to put them. The worst part is these stupid judges. How many times do they let the same losers go on promise to appears even after these fools broke their probation conditions! They either need to put a God Damn revolving in the court house or the judges need to start giving REAL sentences or else things will never stop and only get worse, and believe me, things will be getting worse if the insanity doesn’t stop NOW!

    1. There’s no where to jail them Michael , the jail is crammed with more serious offenders while the Judges let the druggies , drunks and assaulters walk . The Province and the Feds need to build a hospital-sized jail with rehab facilities so the Judges don’t have to let these people walk and they can get treatment while they are serving their sentences . Unfortunately this will be a politically hot-potato for the Gov’ts involved due to the different groups it will have to partner with to get this ball rolling .

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