(VIDEO) – Flailer Disturbs Wilson Park, Children Flee


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The day after social assistance cheques went out has given us a possible murder in the city and at least two homes have police tape surrounding them. BUT, we also got a woman flailing out of control at Wilson Park, an area packed with kids growing up.
A person submitted the footage of the flailer flailing through Wilson Park on the condition of anonymity. Anonymous tells us that a 911 call was made and an ambulance was requested.  Our source also stated that they have watched numerous flailer videos before but it was hard to watch in person. They were brought to tears watching this poor woman flail, moan, bump and shake.
This woman can be seen flailing intensely, moaning and shouting random words. A single mother in a nearby building nicknamed as such told TRCCTB.COM that her kids came home freaked out that “that ladies in the park again”.
This behaviour is often the result of a long night partying, mixing uppers such as cocaine and downers such as fentanyl. One can assume that the brain eventually had enough of the substance abuse and at least partially shuts down and/or ramps up the FPM.
The area has a family-orientated building across the street from the park where kids are supposed to be enjoying the last weekend of summer. Instead, this morning around 10:48, the out of control addiction issues in Thunder Bay which is being fueled by the massive amounts of hard drugs flowing into the city, erupted into the perfect storm to destroy those kid’s day. This is most likely thanks to the horrible, family-destroying and life-ending drug fentanyl.
The majority of flailers in Thunder Bay are abusing fentanyl. Please, don’t do fentanyl. Don’t end up flailing in public.
WATCH: The video is posted below.

Have you ever got so high you flailed uncontrollably? Perhaps it’s time to turn down the buzz and consider sobering up for an extended period of time, whatever that may look like to you. It is encouraged that you reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre where their non-judgemental, compassionate staff are eager and want to help guide you down the path of sobriety. You can reach them at 807-684-1880.


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  1. You are wrong. Not fentanyl. These are jib-tek warriors. It’s all about methamphetamine. Intravenous methamphetamine.

  2. One can assume that the brain eventually had enough of the substance abuse and at least partially shuts down and/or ramps up the FPM.
    This is the reason I’m against Narcan!! These people abuse the hell out of themselves, overdose and die for a short period to be brought back to life. Now you try to tell me that brain damage isn’t happening? It 100% is! Next thing you know is they are so brain damaged they cannot work, which only means on thing…ODSP! These people, all on their own caused their health problems and will be collecting disability insurance benefits that WE have to pay for. I know it sounds cruel but it’s the truth, and lately NOBODY like the truth so here it is!

    1. I don’t think narcan works for meth or coke. It looks like a combination of drugs got ahold of this soul. Narcan isn’t going to fix this.

  3. Ummm…Section 175 of the Criminal Code of Canada. These ‘junkies’ are law breakers. Most refuse any sort of treatment because they are checked out by medical services only to be released so they can go back to their ways. Why not an arrest them and then a psychiatric evaluation where they are forced treatment? It’s like we are to accept them as a part of society’s norm but is that not encouragement to continue on there ways? Something has to be done and I don’t believe that cuddling them is a way to sobriety. What will happen should a ‘flailer’ gets run down by a vehicle and killed? I guess that would end their suffering but what of the mental anguish of the driver would go through knowing they accidentally took a life? It would probably mean a whole lot of counselling for the innocent driver, which isn’t free, whereas the counselling of these ‘stoned’ individuals would be free after a conviction and under a physician’s orders. This is a damn injustice to the citizens of Thunder Bay and a disgrace to this once beautiful city. Just sayin’.

    1. FWborn:
      Fully agree. Our society has taken a nosedive and Thunder Bay is an example of how bad it has gotten. Our permissive attitude and reluctance to enforce laws dealing with druggers, winos, beggars and public nuisances is a green light for this kind of vermin to flock to the city. Combine that with a readily available and inexhaustible supply of free welfare money to keep them in drugs and alcohol makes Thunder Bay a magnet for society’s outcasts.
      This once great city has become a stinking sewer populated with far too many unsavoury, shameless, drugged up and drunk lowlifes. Sadly, it appears that city council is more than satisfied with this. Otherwise, they’d be putting pressure on DSSAB to make ridiculously easy to get welfare more difficult to attain.

  4. WOW at least she did not split her head on the concrete, if people see this in person call 911 to help IT is a problem here and just look and see how close the head gets to concrete WOW again Thanks PINO we do not see this on other NEWS ??

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