UPDATED: VIDEO – FIRE: Hells Angels Clubhouse


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A late evening fire has raged into reality on Simpson Street this evening.



A fire erupted and damaged both the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as well as Rizzo’s Cabinets. Damage was also sustained to nearby businesses. Aerial ladders were setup at the front and back of the building.

Fire crews battled the flames for hours last night. The fire count in the area is becoming alarming, especially since this is the 8th fire in the area in the last 5 weeks.

Below is a bunch of videos where you can see the action.




People in the area are saying that the Hells Angels Clubhouse has been hit with flames. Below is video illustrating that.

The fire has spread to numerous attached businesses such as European Bakery, Rizzo’s, Underground Gym and Daydream.

We have had so much assistance from the public through submissions for this article that it is basically a picture and video story.

In a nutshell, long lasting fire on Simpson Street, has engulfed the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Underground Gym, Rizzos and Daydream.

More videos below:


More details below:

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UPDATE: Rizzos, underground gym and daydreams have also been hit with flames.


The fire has been burning for quite sometime and we are adding more and more updates to this article as time goes on.


Soon after the fire started, and while firefighters were battling the blaze, it appears to have spread to a neighbour, possibly the “Underground Gym”. A woman was heard outside yelling “OOOOOH NOOOOO WE DON’T HAVE INSURANCE”,


Numerous fire trucks responded to the scene and a second alarm was called upon the first unit arriving. A “second alarm” is when backup is called to help extinguish the fire promptly and cool the area.

Thunder Bay Police Service are on location, engaged in closing the roads off and providing traffic and crown control for the firefighters.

Firefighters are working hard right now. Be sure that if you go check out the scene, to stay out of their way and do not cross and boundaries that are set up. Photography and taking videos is not illegal.


At least one ladder fire truck is actively spraying the building from the air, in attempts to oust the flames.

Anyone with footage or photos is asked to send them in to us via text at 807-355-8917 or email tips@trcctb.com. Below is a video by Austin M.

Could this be the start of worse things to come?

There have been about 8 fires in recent months in the area including a mechanic shop, an apartment building, a shed and two homes.

Special thanks to Austin and other sources who wish to remain anonymous for the videos and photos.



13 Replies to “UPDATED: VIDEO – FIRE: Hells Angels Clubhouse”

  1. So sad that it got to the Underground Gym. From what I have heard it is a place a lot of young people go to. Hopefully some foundation will step up and see the value of this place and help with repairs if it is not damaged too much to fix. Really hope this was not arson.

  2. It reminds of the beginning of the gang war in Quebec. It started out with small fights and exploded in an all out Cluster Fuck. A couple of those fires are where supposedly drug house. Looking forward to seeing how much damage is gonna happen now.

  3. Urban renewal on a budget?

    However, one should be suspect with that number of fires in that short a time in the immediate vicinity. Seems to frequent to be anything but arson.

  4. 8 Fires in 5 weeks on that strip?? Very odd .No info. just yet if these were deliberate but if they were, then this time they are definitely playing with more than fire for torching that section. IF it is arson, then hopefully the dumb ass gets caught and charged soon before someone is killed. A terrible loss if the Underground Gym is destroyed. Peter and his volunteers do an outstanding job and have made such a huge positive difference in the lives of so many kids that would otherwise have no activities or mentors.

  5. For many years it’s seemed as though there were a plan in place to revitalize the run down down town south core by burning down Simpson street. Started with the triple nickel and the west many years ago. A few fires more every year.

  6. The east end had an arsonist lighting up sheds, houses and garages, for years.
    Not sure if they ever caught the little creep.
    Perhaps the same person is the one responsible for these recent fires in the area.

  7. If anyone has a heart. Peter has a “bigger heart” he gives the kids a time and place to just be kids. The” environment inside” was great to teach young and older children to develop. Boxing was one, my son is a man today. Peter, gave him a “chance” i call it that…to be apart of this. Thank You Peter for what you do. Peter thought we were out of boundaries? Low income is ALL around Thunder Bay. He does good, and his heart is in the right place. PEACE!

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