VIDEO: Drunken Man Wakes Up Inside Moxies After Close


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Details are thin at this point, but our newsroom has been peppered with reports about an incident that unfolded at the local Moxie’s.

What we know is that a man has a video of him waking up after what appears to be a drunken stupor, in the bathroom at Moxie’s in Thunder Bay.


The catch is, the business was closed and locked up for the night.

In the video, posted below, the man shows the bathroom floor and a bottle of wine that he was nursing on before passing out on the floor, as he claims.

At that point, the man lurks around the inside of the Moxie’s, seeming to wonder if he is in trouble while appearing mind blown that this happened.


Below is the video of the man lurking around the inside of Moxie’s.

Video Credit: Submitted Anonymously


8 Replies to “VIDEO: Drunken Man Wakes Up Inside Moxies After Close”

  1. they didn’t even check on me??
    hey mike did you check on that guy drinking alcohol beside the toilet? is he good? does he need a refill?

  2. “They didn’t even check up on me.”

    Nothing like blaming someone else for your own irresponsible actions.

    It was the drunk who passed out in the washroom. He makes it sound like it was someone else’s fault because they didn’t find him there.

    Moxie’s staff do bear some responsibility. They should sweep the entire premises prior to closing. Nonetheless, the drunk shouldn’t be getting sh!t faced and passing out in public places.

  3. Well, the person sounds like a decent human.
    Perhaps this could be a wake up call To get off the booze and Sober up!

  4. They didn’t even check up on me!!
    Jesus Mary and Joseph….this is YOUR problem buddy, not Moxie’s! What a time to live in, where this imbecile has the nerve to blame the restaurant! The rapture cannot come fast enough. Smfh.

  5. Ive Worked in the industry and I’ve found many people asleep in the washrooms.
    But the key word is FOUND , every night we have to check each bathroom every stahl to make sure everyone had made it out ..
    It is the bars responsibility to take care of the people they are serving alcohol to , and to notice the signs . So I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson on both sides .

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