VIDEO: Drive Thru Violence Caught on Camera


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A Real Concerned Citizen, Ashley Commuzzi, captured her experience at the Drive Thru and has shared it with us.

Below is her statement along with a video.

“When someone intentionally hits you in the drive thru.. the person had been trying to butt ahead. Tired of ignorant people, I decided since I was in the drive thru line that I would hold my place in line.

When the vehicle came right up I decided to take out my phone and record this video in which the person hits my Jeep.

The cop told me he doesn’t think the person hit me and despite scratches on my front end said they were already there. I was also called an aggressive driver for not allowing the person to butt ahead DESPITE them being the person who hit ME. Sure I tried to stop the man from butting ahead however I DID NOT hit their vehicle.

It is hard to feel anything but let down and terribly upset that a cop would persist I should have let the person be ignorant and butt ahead rather than be more concerned that this person would intentionally hit my vehicle over it.

Once again feel let down by Thunder Bay Police. I feel less and less safe in this city and it is truly disheartening to know when something happens you cannot call for help. Even with it on video it is sad to not be believed by the people meant to keep you safe.

The man’s license plate is in the video and if you find yourself driving near this person you should probably stay away as they may hit you as well and the cops may also not believe you.” Ashley Commuzzi.


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  1. Really? You don’t think that the police have more pressing matters to deal with? How exactly does this event warrant a call to 911 emergency?
    You’re an idiot.

  2. The cops likely chastised her because she annoyed them by making the report. Seems the police would rather stifle these types of reports rather than deal with them in a legitimate manner.

    Chances are the woman will never make another report of this nature due to the reaction she got from the cops.

    Cops win. She loses. Not the way it’s supposed to be. However, that’s the way it is unfortunately.

    1. Your probably spot on with this.
      And unfortunately, your also right about her not wanting to make future reports… even if they truly warrent police intervention.

      It wouldn’t be like this if the police weren’t stretched so thin as it is dealing with the scum and low lives in this shit hole city.

      The only way it will change is if criminals start to get actual punishment from the courts.

      Until then… keep voting Liberal!

  3. Wow that’s messed up that the cops wouldn’t do anything. You were in a private parking lot get a quote from a body shop and bring him to small claims court, insurance won’t cover you in a private parking lot. People like that shouldn’t be driving.
    Good luck, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this driver. What Tim Hortons was this at?

  4. Of all the shit and garbage going on in the world, I’m amazed people get this caught up with frivolous crap like this.

    OK, so the guy was an a$$hole and he cut you off. You have to ask yourself, who’s the real a$$hole, him for doing what he did, or you for reacting the way “you” did?

    Life’s short. If you’re that concerned with waiting literally an extra 60 seconds to get your order, you have to ask yourself which one of you has the REAL problem!

  5. My advise to you is never get close to someone driving a worthless rusted out beater pickup truck unless of course you also are driving a beater truck yourself . These guys have nothing to lose in an accident except maybe some rusted parts that might fall on the ground from the jolt. Never park next to one if you can avoid it either as they don’t worry about door dents and especially watch for them running red lights since many of them dont stop either because the brakes dont work or they know all the cops are too busy investigating serious crimes or frivolous Drive thru restaurant disputes.

    1. hey! I drive an old truck and none of the above things you said apply to me. You can park beside me anytime without worry. I worry more about others hitting me. Don’t paint with such a wide brush…old vehicle owners aren’t all goofs, just poor.

  6. Go to the police station and talk to someone else. Insist on filing a report, and inform your insurance company of the incident.
    The cop should have taken all the information of the guy that hit you, like license, and insurance, his address etc. Even if he didn’t, you have his plate number, the video, and his insurance would have to pay for your repairs.

  7. We would have to take her word that this idiot broke into an existing lineup, but it wouldnt surprise me.
    Thunder Bay still has quite a few “get outa my way” idiots, one can only reflect on how crappy their life probably is (although they’re clueless as to why, but it sure isn’t their own fault, eh ?). The same guys floor it to pass everyone on the right at 61/Broadway and 11/17 west of the Harbour Xway.
    The cops have much bigger fish to fry (ie, even bigger idiots).

  8. Another example of the drivers in this town. I’m sorry you life is shit but you don’t have to take it out on everyone else. Grow up

  9. White girl upset because the cop didn’t believe her. Unbelievable. OMG now you know what they’re like towards the indigenous community but theyre worse to them than you. ooIo/

    1. CPHowdy:

      Yeah, because indigenous people never commit crimes and if and when they’re caught in them middle of a criminal act, it was someone else’s doing right?

      What other country can you think of that had to change their legal system. – GLADUE- simply because our prisons had too many of one specific demographic? Who else gets “Get out of jail cards” for free?

      If you’re looking for pity, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

      How about manning up to your responsibilities.

    2. Cpt Howdy I should know better to even waste my time replying to such dribble but I just had to. Yawn Yawn Leave it to a fuckhead to make this into another useless racist statement. Guess the racist card is so stale and everyone is so bored to death with its use that some ashole has to still at least try to resurrect it. Get a life


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