(VIDEO) – Don’t Smoke Crack (or beat up women or old men)


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A video has surfaced which shows what appears to be two alleged 1hunna gang members smoking what can only be guessed as crack out of a shelter house style crack pipe.

The video was sent in by an avid tipster who wishes to remain anonymous.


The two people, who’s identify cannot be 100% guaranteed, is not entirely a mystery to TRCCTB.COM.

The two seem to be working together to get the pipe to sizzle pop and snap. Crack addiction is a very serious issue in Thunder Bay and has been cited numerous times during sentencing for various crimes of opportunity and violence.

Drug abuse, although initially seems like it is not hurting anyone but the user, eventually starts to hurt those they love and if they escalate to a life of crime to support their habit, that is when the criminal justice system should intervene and correct the behaviour.



Please, seek help if you have a drug addiction.



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  1. 1Hunna loser club! These losers should OD and save the rest of us the headache of their wanna be tough club.

  2. I can tell they suck D by the way they giggle when they hit the stem hehehehehehe let me suck it next hehehehehe.

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