(VIDEO) Domestic Violence on Video and More


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A local Thunder Bay woman has the following to say about her experience with domestic violence. After her statement there are three videos she captured during the incident.
“August 17th, 2019 I experienced my second time getting domestically abused by the same individual. *Kelsey Schraml.* I would like to put out there that no matter how hard, frustrating or scary it may be, NEVER and I’m talking NEVER lay low.”

”Speak up, have the individual face the consequences they deserve, and hope that they receive major help. The individual torchuring one as the position I am facing currently, must get the help they need and realize how not okay they’re actions are. If not, it will never end and it will continue whether it was me, or someone else.”
”If it’s not me who got killed, it’s going to be the next girl. Forget the honey moon stage, forget where you stand today. Think of the long run. Is this how you’d like to live your life? Is this something you want to live with until it is your time or maybe even leave this earth before then? No. It is not worth it. Not worth your time.”

”First begins a push, then a slap, then maybe a few punches, deathly weapons come around then you are dead. I want women to know that they deserve a life of respect, dignity and freedom. It is never too late to speak up.”

”Abusers choose to abuse. Don’t suffer in silence. You are NOT to blame. A house where a woman is not safe, is not a home. Do not be blinded by love. Domestic violence causes far more pain than the visible marks of bruises and scars. ALWAYS SPEAK UP. I will never regret that I did.”
And now for the videos. Here is the first one.

Part 2.

Part 3.

None of the allegations in this article have been proven in a court of law.
All photos and video from Facebook / Hunter Johnson


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  1. Good for you standing up for yourself. There is no place for that kind of abuse. That guy needs a taste of tough justice.

  2. Pino loves giving these losers who finally had something exciting happen to them attention. Atta boy. Love the tit and the abuse marks. Such an unreal combo
    Some morals and a brief mental checklist of good/bad qualities in men could help people like her.

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