VIDEO – Dawson and Red River Road Crash Suspect Charged


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Police have arrested and charged a Thunder Bay man following two significant collisions Wednesday afternoon involving multiple vehicles.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers fist responded to reports of a collision involving multiple vehicles near the intersection of Junot Avenue and Red River Road just after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 18.


Police, firefighters and paramedics were all dispatched to the scene. When police arrived officers learned one vehicle involved, a black sedan, had left the scene heading westbound on Red River Road.

Moments later the same vehicle was involved in a collision near the intersection of Dawson Road and Strand Avenue. A male driver exited the black sedan and began walking away from the scene. (video credit Len Jaroli).

Witnesses provided a description of the male to officers, and officers located the suspect a short distance away. The male was arrested without incident.


Officers observed signs the male was impaired.

The male was transported to the Thunder Bay Police Service headquarters for further evaluation, which confirmed he was impaired by alcohol at the time of the collision.

Through the course of their investigation, officers learned the male was driving the black sedan westbound on Red River Road when he struck five other vehicles that were stopped at a red light. Two of the vehicles the male collided with were seriously damaged.

The male drove over a snowbank and proceeded westbound through the intersection toward Dawson Road, where the second collision took place.

Paramedics provided medical attention to three people involved in the collision near Junot Avenue. Two were transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further treatment.

A 31-year-old Thunder Bay man has been charged with:

  • Operation While Impaired Alcohol and Drugs
  • Operation While Impaired Blood Alcohol Concentration
  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  • Failure to Stop After Accident x 2

He was released on an undertaking with conditions and a future court date. We are working to get the guys name.

Source: TBPS


8 Replies to “VIDEO – Dawson and Red River Road Crash Suspect Charged”

  1. “He was released on an undertaking with conditions and a future court date.”

    Let me guess……..
    He was given his keys back and was advised to drive more carefully on the way home.

    Dumpster Bay: Come for the free flowing welfare, stay for the booze, drugs, cramped jails and easy judges.

    1. I agree with Rex. That is a very accurate anaylsis of what takes place when any of those scumbags in this town are caught breaking ANY laws. Considering who they constantly have to deal with, as well as all the illegal guns here, imagine the frustration the cops must feel when they risk their lifes every shift picking up the trash only to have it quickly released back onto the streets. Going to work means putting up with the same shit, different day. Rather than make their jobs obsolete (which the system has) , maybe all the cops should be taken off the streets and put in safe offices doing some menial administration duties like the higher ups in the system do.. Instead of having a call centre across the sea, people can report crimes here and they will always get cheerfully answered with, “thank you for calling, unfortunately there is NO reason to send any police officers to that situation. If you have an issue with this response , kindly notify your favorite politician. Thank you and have a nice day”

  2. WTF That selfish POS should have had his sorry ass thrown in jail immediately and left there til his court appearance. He is a menace to society. Why are these POS being caught and released so quickly. I dont give a rats ass how crowded the jail is. Let them all bunk together there. It is jail folks, not the Hilton. But oh yes this is Canada where the victims get punished and the losers get rewarded. Most people are totally fed up and it is only a very short matter of time before all hell breaks loose in this dump.

  3. He should never have been released he damaged more vehicles and could have taken many people’s lives and gets to walk away unbelievable. Something is wrong with our justice system it is in favour of the wrong people.

  4. I hate to bring up politics so close to Christmas, but people keep voting liberal,
    And criminals will continue to own the city.
    I don’t know what it will take for people to realize that they keep this endless circle happening.
    With a little luck, a liberals life will be ruined.
    Then they will think at the ballot box.

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