(VIDEO) – “Car Hoppers” Strike at the Heart of Northwood


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another morning that Northwood residents wake up to having to tidy up their vehicles before heading out.

Residents have two viable options, lock their doors and hope the windows don’t get smashed or keep the doors unlocked and allow the criminals to double check that you didn’t leave anything of value in your vehicle.


I forgot to mention, but both options clearly start off with you, the owner of the vehicle, removing everything of value before choosing what to do with your doors.

Around 5:40 am this morning, this guy along with a few other crooks were lurking the Northwood area, attempting to find something of value that can undoubtedly be traded for drug money.

Judges in the Thunder Bay Courthouse have on numerous occasions stated that the majority of crimes in Thunder Bay, especially “crimes of opportunity” such as this one, are driven by “drug-seeking” behaviour which is spawned out of an out of control drug addition.


Have you or someone you know fallen victim to a “car hopper” such as the one in the video? Have you or someone you know fallen victim to any crime? Reach out to us today. Our tipline is always open tips@trcctb.com. Pictures and videos always help.

Below is the video.


10 Replies to “(VIDEO) – “Car Hoppers” Strike at the Heart of Northwood”

  1. Live in Northwood and my vehicles have been “car hopped” about 3 weeks ago. The car was unlocked and there were no valuables except a little purse with some Chinese paper money and a couple of Euro coins. Not much value but still I don’t like my car being ransacked.

    1. next time they will rip the interior to shreds or smash the dash up, any value there? Insurance company finds out doors were unlocked you will get zero repair money! No value…think again!

  2. I’m gonna sit and wait in my vehicle this weekend with a tire iron.
    Any scumbag who tries my doors will Ben treated as if they were making an attempt on my life.
    There will be Anonymous pictures.

    1. bill wesly, I leave the doors unlocked for the very reason that I leave nothing of value in the car and I don’t want a window broken. The little purse contained nothing that of value unless the thief was going to China or Europe which I highly doubt.

  3. Someone needs to get creative and set up a gizmo that blows flour or such onto whoever opens the passenger door.
    And make sure you video it with a quality camera. We can all share the laugh.
    Unfortunately, I cant do it.. no car hoppers here.

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